Q&A 40

Today, I’m ending the series of Questions and Answers, using Table Topics: Spirit Edition. I could have kept going, there are over 130 cards in the set (I stopped counting at 130). It’s a very cool set of cards to have, been using them for years to create conversation starters for womens events. Not every card is appropriate for events, you have to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. This series has not been sponsored by Table Topics. I purchased this set many years ago, and not even sure if you could still buy it. However, they have other sets too on fun topics … even a Family Edition. Worth checking out.

The Last Question for this Series:


“does God need us as much as we need God”

What a great question to end up on. And, I think I’ll answer it as simply as this:


God wants a relationship with us, but he does not NEED us. God is complete, without lack.

Man needs God, because apart from Him… we are a mess, broken people, lost people. He washes us clean, restores the broken, and reunites the lost.

Q&A 39

“who do you consider to be your spiritual mentors” (Table Topics: Spirit Edition)

There are too many to list, thanks to the internet and publishers.

I have a few very close women whom I consider mentors, that I bring the mess to and they help me walk out of it … in alignment to the Word. Very practical mentors in that regard, because they are with me in the thick of it.

But, there are educational and spiritual growth mentors who have been pouring out their knowledge, wisdom, and experience into books that I consume. Books on leadership, apologetics, theology, relationships, and so much more. I’m very thankful for these mentors, who may never know me by name, but have impacted my life so greatly.

Too many names to list. ❤

Q&A 38

Continuing my series of writing prompts form the Table Topics: Spirit Edition conversation starter cards…


“what has been the most spiritual experience of your life”

Probably having my kids. Please note that I’m trying to answer this question without forgetting that there are those who are reading this, that may desire children & are unable to get pregnant. You might want to leave this post & come back tomorrow for a different question.

I believe that becoming a mother changed something in me, at a very deep spiritual level. It’s a moment when we can feel a bit akin to our Creator, who birthed us from dust. It’s a moment with you would suddenly put your life on the line to protect that which you hold dear, giving insight to what would lead Jesus to the Cross. It puts something in you that any aged parent would confirm, never goes away. To get a glimpse into the heart of the Father, is the spiritual gift of parenthood.

Q&A 36

“do you believe in coincidence or synchronicity” (Table Topics: Spirit Edition)

What a lame question. Honestly, they are essentially the same thing. Both are things that happen basically simultaneously. Accepted as such. Synchronicity is only different because it appears they are connected when they are not, where coincidence doesn’t appear connected. I think many people confuse synchronicity and coincidence. Rolling them all both under the term of coincidence.

I believe that there are divine appointments, when things happen because they are meant to happen in that exact way, at that exact time, and for His exact purposes. I also believe some things just happen, for no reason, and it’s not worth our time to try and divine some sort of spiritual significance to it.

So, that means that I don’t believe in coincidence or synchronicity exclusively to explain away certain happenings. I also don’t believe that it’s all some sort of spiritual sign either. We need a connection with the Holy Spirit to help us discern the difference.

Q&A 35

“is it more essential to develop beliefs of gain knowledge” (Table Topics, Spirit Edition)

Now this is a GREAT question. A few years ago, my friend (and fellow author) Ava Pennington defined knowledge as having information and wisdom as knowing what to do with the information. Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing it belongs in a salad not a fruit cup.

My faith system doesn’t exempt me from holding beliefs and denying knowledge. In fact, it is knowledge that gives us apologetics… helps us defend the truth of our beliefs. So I believe we need both, however I would caution that the pursuit of knowledge can sometimes side track us from our beliefs. I’m comfortable with saying “I don’t know” and yielding to trust in my faith until the knowledge catches up.

The knowledge that I carry of all the times my beliefs have been confirmed and truth has been proven, gives me the confidence to hold to belief when the answers are still unknown.

Q&A 34

“do you benefit from meditation or prayer” (Table Topics: Spirit Edition)


Yes. By meditating on the word, as we are instructed to do, we are really allowing the word to consume us. Whether I’m picking a particular verse to focus on for the year, or a verse to guide me through a situation, choosing to focus on the Scriptures is highly beneficial and keeps my emotions from getting the better of me.


Yes. Besides the obvious believe that God does answer prayers, is still in the business of miracles, hears every petition… praying also helps me quiet to hear his voice, brings me clarity and helps me to discern, it puts me in touch with the Lord in a more personal way that by meditating on the word.

It’s sort of like the meditation is being reminded of who God is, and prayer is being present with the Lord.

Q&A 33

“who do you need to forgive and whose forgiveness do you need to ask” (Table Topics, Spirit Edition)

I feel like I’ve answered this already or something at least similar.

Me. I need to forgive myself and seek forgiveness from my self. I pass on grace by the truckload to others. But, I’m hardest on myself. I need to get beyond that, reminding that the Gospel is for me too… every day I fall short BUT the grace of God is sufficient for all of my shortcomings. The cross paid my penalty too & I need to stop picking up the things I put at the foot of the cross.

Q&A 32

“which deceased friend or relative would you most like to talk to” (Table Topics: Spirit Edition)

I would have loved to have more time to talk with my grandmother about her history, World War 2, and just a few other things. I would have loved to have known her when she was younger. I can’t wait to see her in Heaven, body and mind restored. One day. When we meet again.

Q&A 31

I’m going to continue the fun exploration into the month of October. I’m using conversation starter cards from Table Topic: Spirit Edition as writing prompts. I’ve selected cards from this set for many years to create conversation starters at Women’s Events. This post is not sponsored, but the cards are credited for the content they provide.

“do you sense you are being guided by the universe”


I am guided by the Holy Spirit.

No, I don’t think those 2 words are interchangeable. Two very different things.