I’m sorry, what was that?

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Listen to advice and accept discipline,
    and at the end you will be counted among the wise.

Proverbs 19:20

Accept wise counsel, good advice?  Yes.  Please and thank you.  I have several good friends who I come to when I need wise counsel.  It might be a quick text, or a long phone call, but they are my go to squad for Biblical wisdom in my practical life.

There are days that I need to be talked down and prayed through a difficulty.  Moments happen where I need someone to tell me that my instincts are right, that I’ve done the right thing, or that the issue is not mine to bear.  Yes and amen.

Sometimes, I need some discipline.

What do I mean by discipline?

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I need someone to remind me to be disciplined.  “Gena, did you pray about it?”  “Girl, you need to fast about that.”    “Put on some worship music on, get in the Word, until He shows up.”  —>  Even leaders have moments where we get so wrapped up in all the busyness of the work that we haven’t prioritized our daily habits … nor left even room in the margins.  We can be so hurt by a friend or confused by a situation we want to talk it out versus take it to God.

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I need someone to discipline me.  I need that trusted friend who can say the hard things, so I can pursue the right things.  “Gena, you are wrong on this one.”    “Girl, you need to check your heart on that issue.”   “Humble yourself, and apologize.”  As hard as that can be to receive, it is even harder to give to a friend.


Having wise counsel is a blessing, even if what comes from it is a shaping.  Good friends know when to usher us into freedom, and when to reign us in.







Remember Who You Are and What You Have Been Called To.

I had a burden on my heart.  Thoughts were weighing me down.  Old words were revisited with new wounds.  Confusion and disappointment were the best descriptors of how I felt.  I didn’t understand this moment.  I didn’t understand why God brought me back to this same place.  I didn’t understand why those whom I thought shared the same vision of me suddenly did an about face.  Fortunately, I had a good friend who was listening to me speak and asking me questions.

Finally, after about two weeks of nearly daily chats, she called me up.  I answered with a chipper tone and new attitude.  She asked what changed, and I said “I forgot who I was, I forgot what God had called me to.”  And she said, “there it is…”

For these many days she was actively listening, asking me questions, and guiding me to self discovery.  She knew this wasn’t a moment that I needed someone to give me all of the answers.  I needed to figure this out on my own.  Then she shared from her perspective what she had witnessed.

I had been setting aside myself (my dreams, my purpose, my vision) for someone else who was seeking my help.  I was still seeking approval of certain people, in certain levels of position, in order to validate my calling and purpose.  Instead of clinging to the ONE who had a plan for me before I was even conceived.  I was so wrapped up in helping in that sphere, that other things and people we being set aside.

I wish I could tell you that this was a moment that happened ten years go.  Or, that this was something that happened in my first few years of my walk.   Truth is, this moment happened in September 2019.  This year.  This month.  Just a few days ago.

Just because a person has been in Christ for decades, doesn’t mean we can’t get side tracked by what is “good”, what is “godly”, and others who come to use for help.  It is easy to say no or avoid those things that are obviously bad, ungodly.  It is not as easy to say no to good things, helpful things, and the things you can see God is orchestrating.  It is also hard to not want to be a part of the work you see happening, even if is small unnoticeable ways.

Just because a person is a leader, speaker, author, or whatever other title following their name, doesn’t mean we can’t forget who we are & what God called us to do.  Especially when presented with opportunities to participate in other good works.

As I came around this revelation, my friend pointed out the ongoing spiritual battles that have been happening our lives.  But compared to even just one year ago, we noticed a few things were different this time.  First, we recognized who was really at work in the confusion and chaos FASTER than ever before.  Within the first day, we had already acknowledged the spiritual battle.  Second, we responded BETTER and FASTER to those pokes and prods than we have in the past.  We are sharpening our spiritual weapons and strengthening our spiritual defenses.  Third, we didn’t battle any of it alone.  Out the gate, we are bringing at least one other person into the situation for wise counsel and prayer.

A verse the Lord keeps bringing me back to is Deuteronomy 2:3, in which the Lord says “You have circled this mountain enough times, turn and go north.”

As the enemy attempted to use an old wound to get under my skin, I claimed victory against it.  I spoke that verse out loud.  “I’ve been around this mountain before.  I’m not doing it again.  I’m going a new direction.”

Instead of allowing myself to get caught up in circling the mountain, I needed to remember who I was (in Him) and what He has called me to do.  I needed to see beyond the mountain.  I needed to hit the road and travel there.

If you feel like you are circling the same mountain, and getting no where fast.  Pray that the Lord would renew the vision in your heart and light a fire in you that will get you moving.  Pray that He would illuminate the path away from the mountain and toward His calling for you.

If you feel like you are circling this mountain within a cloud of confusion, pray on the Spiritual Armor and pray for God’s armies, rebuke the enemy that is trying to confusion your path, and march forward.

A Good First Impression

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It has long been an stat, regardless of industry, that it takes just a matter of seconds to make a good or bad first impression.  Between 10-15 seconds.

In the past, we had the ability to engage with a person directly.  What impacted those 10-15 seconds included not only the words being said, but our body language and vocal tones.

Technology and Social Media have changed the game, and now those first impressions are made before people will meet you face to face, step on your campus, or walk through your business doors.

Employers are finding potential employees’ social media accounts & using the information shown to weed out prospects before the first interview.   Colleges, churches, ministries, and non-profits are creating “Social Media Clauses” that indicate any impropriety online can be cause for dismissal.

Social Media has become a litmus that the every day consumer uses to gauge if a company or product is reputable, find information about organizations they are considering partnering with, and even to help narrow the list of places of worship they will consider for possible membership.

When we moved to our current city, technology had moved to the point where almost everyone had a website.  Now, some businesses have forgone the traditional website almost completely in favor of Social Media platforms.

As we relocated, finding a church was a top priority on our list.  My first order of business was to use a search engine to identify where the local churches were located in proximity to our home.  If the church didn’t have a website, I moved to the next result.  After opening the website, I searched for a few things:

  • About the Pastor – I wanted to know a little information about the Pastors, including what they looked like, their names, and how long they had been at the church.
  • Ministries Offered – As a mother of young children, a children’s ministry was important to me.  Anticipating a future in that church, I was also interested in if there was a youth ministry for my children as they aged.  I also look for a Women’s Ministry.   I have moved right on from a church website because I don’t see a Women’s Ministry listed.  If there is a Men’s Ministry too, that is a bonus!
  • Bible Studies/Sunday School or Discipleship/Mentoring – Having both is great, but at least 1 is a must.
  • Statement of Faith & Church Calendar – this tells me just about everything I need to know about the beliefs, culture, and life of the church.
  • Photos – whether randomly found on the site, or in a formal gallery, I am looking at the demographic of the church. Diversity is super important to me, I want to see different ages and stages, men & women, different ethnicities represented.
  • Past Sermons (audio or video) – the ability to listen to the Pastor’s message is huge, and being able to access many of them also gives me an eye into how they also address special events, types of guests they bring in to speak, etc.

A church website is a little more formal/static, whereas social media is fluid and organic.  In the social media accounts we not only get to see what the church says about itself, but we also get to see what others say about the church.

It was a few years ago that I was interviewing for a Women’s Ministry director position in a neighboring state.  I found their church website which also had links to their social media platforms.  A few quick clicks and I found the hashtag that the church used, by clicking through the hashtag I was able to not only see what the church had posted but also posts from members and guests.  I was also linked to a few articles that were written about the church by local press.

Before I set foot in the interview, before I even sent my resume to the church, I already knew a lot about the church and it’s impact in the community.

Your potential guests are looking at your website.  Your potential hires are looking at your Social Media.

What is the impression it leaves?  What does your website or social media say about you when you are not in the room?

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Gena B. McCown has written a must read for any woman in leadership or looking to launch a woman’s ministry! I am a third year MOPS coordinator and wish so badly I could have had this book from the start. This book is practical and offers tips for creating a successful gospel centered ministry.

I love how this book flowed. She started by talking about women leaders in the Bible and pointed out key passages where women are told to teach other women. She then got into talking about the creation and heart behind women’s ministry followed finally with the ongoing management of one as well as some pointers for challenges along the way.

There was nothing that I did not enjoy about this book and plan to use it as a reference tool and I will be buying a copy for my apprentice who will take my place. We will be taking the suggestions for fine tuning your ministry and I look forward to seeing seeds planted.

I am grateful to McCown for following GOD’s calling to write this book. I know many ministries will reap the benefits of this work. She will certainly be credited!

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I’ve been contemplating the recent news of Pastor Jarrid Wilson’s suicide. I believe the evangelical/Christian world was blessed by his openness and candor about mental health. A topic we could do a LOT better of addressing head on as the church.

I also wanted to examine “my part” as a member of the body served by Pastors and staff members.

Here is the decision I made today, perhaps it will inspire you too. I think it is a good place to start…


I have decided that unless it is an absolute emergency, I will not text/email/call our Pastors and Staff after office hours. Even if it’s just a quick question, even if it means I have to delay getting my ministry projects done until the next day.


I promise that I will honor their “off hours” when they are home with their families. I promise to respect their family time, and avoid interrupting that sacred time they are together. I promise to uphold their time of rest away from the church.