Project 642: Positions of Power

Today’s prompt asked what was the highest position of power I ever held, and how might it have changed me.

Let’s jump right into my own philosophy of leadership. I have been a “leader”, a “director”, and a “manager” before. While these are all leadership positions, up the chain of hierarchy, and would be classified as authoritative positions… I really cringe at the notion they are position of “power” even if others would say that is exactly what they are.

Why do I cringe?

Because I personally don’t believe in a leadership philosophy of wielding power of another. If you have ever worked with me on a project, in a ministry, or under my direct leadership then you would know that I am firmly planted in the idea that a good leader is someone who is leading others well. I enjoy giving others the reign. I like to open my platform. I have hosted events where I have trusted other speakers vs. keeping the audience for myself. I like to develop those who are part of my team to become better leaders.

Note that I said “part of my team” and not “under me”.

We lead together. We do the work together.

I will never ask someone to do something that I wouldn’t do myself.

I have unclogged toilets and I have cleaned up things that shall not be described here. I have worked the worst shift or stepped back to do the supportive work so that others can shine.

I am always looking for and developing the person who I see will become my replacement. I’m not afraid if they learn it faster than I, or do it better. I’m not fearful that the student will surpass the master, instead I celebrate it. It means that I did my job well.

So, while I may have held positions of authority … they didn’t change me. In fact, witnessing how others have been changed by it cause me to double down to my philosophy.

Lead with me, not by me.

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