Project 642: Object Associations

In my bathroom I have a glass jar that has a tapestry lid. I’ve had this jar for about 22 years. Before that, it belonged to my grandmother.

My grandmother was a registered nurse, and in this jar she kept her bobby pins used to attach her nurses cap. When I was a little girl, the hospital she worked in still had the nurses in the white uniform dresses and caps. I can remember her standing in the kitchen polishing up her shoes with the white shoe polish bottle and sponge.

I was always fascinated by the tapestry on the jar lid, and would be found nosing into it. She would chase me away. For the most part, she was a frugal woman. She took great care in putting back every bobby pin each night. There was no reason to replace them if she kept track of them, right?

(Unlike me, who has probably thrown away more than she’s ever owned.)

When my grandmother passed away, it was the one thing I wanted. A reminder of her.

I keep my bobby pins in it.

#leadwell #project642 #memories #leadership

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