Writers Retreat

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Having attended writers workshops, conferences for authors, and online webinars… I know how overwhelming the process of moving from writer to author can be. Yet, as much as I invested in these opportunities, I was still woefully under prepared for the actual publishing process once I contracted my first book. There were so many aspects that were left out of the teaching, that I was caught off guard. Not only did I feel less prepared, but I worried if it made me look less of a professional to the publishers I was working with.

I believe that the Lord walks me through various circumstances so that I can learn from them, and then help bring that information to others in a better way than I received it. Which, after some prompting, led me to formulate my own writers retreat. This is not a convention where you will drink from a fire hose of information, leaving feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed under the weight of it all. Nor, will this be a conference where it is you among thousands of others vying to get your questions answered, or find the guidance you need to get to your next step.

The Aspiring Writers Retreat is NOT….

  • A packed schedule of workshops, networking, and key note speeches to inspire you only.
  • An expensive investment without an equal or better return.
  • An event leaving you with an extensive to-do list with out setting foundations or progress.
  • A convention with thousands of people, or even hundreds, where you are one of many.
  • A space for those who are considering if they are ready to write a book or not.

The Aspiring Writers Retreat IS….

  • A small venue, with a limited number of attendees, where you will get personalized attention.
  • An investment, where you leave with items already checked off your to-do list.
  • The development of a clear plan of action, curated to exactly where you are at in the process.
  • The right fit for someone who knows they are called as an author & has begun writing.
  • A space for you to craft and refine your work.

You will leave the Aspiring Writers Retreat with…

  • Tools and resources for your next steps.
  • Personal guidance, teaching, and coaching.
  • Access to a private peer support group.
  • You will learn to design and write your own One Sheet
  • You will learn to write your own Book Proposal
  • You will learn & practice how to Pitch Your Book to a Publisher
  • You will learn about branding & marketing.
  • You will learn about publishing schedules and timelines.
  • And so much more.

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