Giving Back: Family Christian, Una Esperanza and Me

As a blogger, occasionally I get asked to review a book, movie or even music… and I love to do it.  I am an avid reader to begin with, as a trained actress… I LOVE movies… and frankly who doesn’t enjoy music?  So, it’s not as if anyone is twisting my arm to participate.  I generally look through the opportunities and only pick the ones I was planning to read any way, or that sparked my attention.

Recently, Family Christian presented an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.  They were looking for bloggers interested in participating in their #GivingBack campaign.  Everyone interested was asked a simple question: If you were given $50 to spend on someone else; what would you do with the money, who would it go to, and why?

A family from my town has been called into full time missions in rural areas of Nicaragua, and immediately I thought of helping them.   In the transition process to the mission field they are heading back to Nicaragua this summer for a month, working with organizations on the ground.  This won’t be their first trip, and I had a bit of knowledge of their agenda for while they are there.  Their kids were already working on a few supply drives.  Their daughters:  collecting dresses.  Girls in Nicaragua need to dresses to attend school.   Their boys:  collecting flip flops.  Shoes are a definitely blessing and flip flops travel easy.  In the US we are blessed to have them in abundance during the summer and in many places for just $1 a pair!

HFM projects flyer 2015

I knew they were raising money for their clean water project, and mission soccer balls to leave with the kids (they have Bible verses printed on them, HOW COOL!).   I pondered for a bit, and remembered that on their last trip they brought Bibles to leave with families, and I knew that was a great way to spend $50.

I hunted through Family Christian and found these great New Testament Spanish Bibles for under $2 a piece!

IMG_0350 IMG_0349

I presented my idea, amongst a LOT of really good ones I might add.  And….

I was one of the bloggers selected!

I played with the shopping cart a bit to make sure I could hit max capacity on number of bibles, and paid the shipping myself… so I could add a couple more.  And then I waited for the box to arrive.


 Opening boxes that come from UPS and FedEx have always been fun for me, but this was definitely one of the best feelings ever!  It was a box of blessings.

I was blessed by Family Christian to be chosen.

Una Esperanza was going to be blessed by me.

People in Nicaragua are going to be blessed by Una Esperanza.

I never stop standing in awe of how God dishes out blessings.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


I packed up the box, made contact with the family to arrange a day to drop off a surprise…. and off I went with my mystery box!


IMG_0338        IMG_0341         IMG_0339

It was a joy and a privilege to drop off the bibles to this family, who is following the Lord’s call to serve the families, churches and many more in the rural areas of Nicaragua.  Please join me in praying for their endeavors, God’s provision, their travels, God’s direction on the ground, their safety and that through them lives will be changed on earth and toward HEAVEN! 


A HUGE Thank You to Family Christian for making this possible!

On behalf of myself and the Huttula Family

…. and the many people of Nicaragua that will be blessed by your decision to give back to our communities here and abroad.

Keep up the good work, run the good race, faithful servants.

If you would like more information or to donate to their Mission, check out Una Esperanza (One Hope)

Or follow them on facebook  to see how you can help, or stay up to date on current and future missions projects in Nicaragua.

Una Esperanza is a recognized 501c3, Non-Profit Organization founded by The Huttulas.


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