Chronicling 40: Day 191 of 365


There are things in this world we should be steadfast about.

To be steadfast is to be resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.

We don’t like people who are wish-washy, who flip flop their beliefs or opinions based on who they are talking to.  This is not to be confused with a person who has grown and over time changed their beliefs or opinions as they learn and experience life.  We are talking about the person who talks out both sides of their mouth.

If we do not like these types of people in offices of authority, we also need to ensure that we are not those types of people and that we are steadfast in our own convictions and beliefs.  Who I am in front of one person is who I am in front of another.

So many of our words from this series can be paired with steadfast.

I can be steadfast in my pursuit of joy, or peace.  I can be steadfast in choosing gratitude, and love.  I can be steadfast in my choice to move vs. be still.  I can be steadfast in my faith.

Such a great word.