Chronicling 40: Day 189 of 365


I love Word of the Year options that are words that mean action.  To pursue something is to chase after it.

The Lord pursued me, even when I rebelled.

And when my eyes were opened, and I saw His goodness…

I pursued Him.  I wanted to know Him better, I wanted to know why He would pursue me.

I pursued this by digging into His Word.

If you want to claim this as your word for 2018, you have to accept that you are going to be called into action.  There is something you want, and you need to run after it.  You will pursue it.

Pursue financial freedom?  What action steps are you going to take?  What habits are you going to change?

Pursue better relationships?  What commitment will that mean for you?  Who are you going to pursue?  And how?

Pursue a new job?  Where are you going to look?  What skills do you need to brush up on, or new education will you need?

Pursuit is not passive.  It’s not just active, but is aggressive.  You are not going to meander through life and call that pursuit.  You are going to have to run for it, fight for it.