Chronicling 40: Day 14 of 365


Finding my artistic voice, this is going to be a huge part of my 40s… I truly believe this.  I’ve always loved art.  I’ve always painted and drawn.  I love being creative, but I’ve always felt like I have never found my own artistic voice.

Earlier this year, I began learning a new technique.  Now, this technique is not new and is actually older than most contemporary artists of this style even realize.  None the less, it is new to me.   I have spent a few months just understanding the technique, the science behind what I am doing with these paints and chemicals.

When it comes to my creative processes, I’ve lived hard and fast by the guideline to learn the rules before I break them (or bend them, tweak them, etc).

A couple of days ago, it happened.  I found my artistic voice.   I worked on the above piece over a few days.  Now in the past, I may have spent as much time on a painting, or drawing.  I may have really liked it, but I would not have called it “fine art”.  It’s just a painting.  This was the first piece I’ve created in a long time where I feel like it is a real piece of art.  Also one that expresses my style.

Not only do I feel confident in finding my voice, but I also find so much joy and satisfaction in being creative at this level.  I’m thinking the 40’s are going to be very creative years.