Book Tour! Day 5 – Successful Leaders

Welcome to my 10 Day Book Tour.  I love to read, and I am often given books to read for review.  Over the last year, I determined that I didn’t want to turn my blog into a book review site.  However, I can’t help that I LOVE books.  I truly do.  They add so much value to my life, because I learn from them and glean new perspectives from the authors who put their hearts to the page.  So, I’ve decided that each quarter, I’m going to do a 10 Day Book Tour.  What have I been reading, what do I honestly think about the book, and to whom I would recommend it.  Each day, for ten days, you will get a peak into my bookshelf.


I received Successful Leaders of the Bible from Faith Words, for the purpose of review.  The thoughts and opinions are my own.


Yesterday’s post was about building a culture of developing leaders within your church.  Today’s book is a collection of Biblical examples of leaders.  Each chapter of the book is devoted to leader, from the Bible, and the character of their leadership.

This is not the first book by Katara Washington Patton that I have read, and it just fits perfectly within her style.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  Patton examines the leader in relations to their purpose in God’s redemptive plan, highlights their positive attributes as a leader, and then applies these lessons to our every day life.  However Patton also reveals the areas where some of the leaders lost sight or slipped up.  A reminder that even the most Godly leaders we celebrate were still imperfect humans, redeemed by God’s love for them.

I’ve always said that we learn two things from the people we encounter, when it comes to our personal development.  We learn 1) who we want to be and 2) who we do not want to be.  Even from the greatest leaders we can learn just as much (if not more) from their mistakes and we do from their success.

If you truly want to understand more about what Biblical Leadership looks like, from the perspective of the leaders found in scriptures, Patton’s book is a great starting point.  Patton is careful to include scripture references, which can allow you to examine these leaders further.  I’d encourage you to look beyond these nine leaders and keep digging into the scriptures for more examples of good (and bad) leaders that you can glean from.

Successful Women – #Write31Days


Quite often, when a woman wants to understand biblical womanhood… she turns to the Proverbs 31 scripture. However, this is not the only woman ever mentioned in the scriptures.  She is among the company of many notable women who fulfilled very specific roles in God’s plan.

Esther.  Deborah. Miriam. Hagar. Mary. Martha. Eunice. Lois, Priscilla. Lydia. Mary Magdalene.

And those are just the ones we have names for.  There is also the woman at the well, the woman who touched the hem of his robe… just as examples.

FaithWords provided the book Successful Women of the Bible to be reviewed, and I think it is a valuable addition to your library.  If you are a fan of Liz Curtis Higgins Bad Girls of the Bible books, you’ll have the same affinity for Successful Women of the Bible.  Washington Patton looks at these influential women in the scriptures, updates their story to a more modern adaptation that readers can relate to.

Each chapter focuses on one woman’s story, allowing you to work through this book as quickly or slowly as you wish.  It would make a great book for a Christian Women’s Book Club, Small Group Study, or broken up into a series of Women’s Ministry event topics.