Book Review: 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit


Last month, I got this amazing book through the B&H Bloggers Team for the purpose of reading and reviewing on my blog.  The thoughts expressed here are my own, and I hope you find them beneficial.

I’ve always been drawn to what I consider “leadership” books.  When I was going through the management training program at Office Depot, my mentoring manager was constantly putting books into my hands on management.  This fostered a deep amount of respect for learning from those who have walked the road before me, as well as those who challenged the way we have always done things.  One of my most liberating books was “The Customer Is Not Always Right”.

As I moved into Women’s Ministry leadership, I too was drawn to materials that would help shape and mold me in the leader I needed to be.  I’ve never been naive to believe that Godly Leadership doesn’t involve on going investment into that spiritual gift.  I will never be so bold as to think I already know it all, or that others do not have something to teach me.  I have also been an encourager of not only getting leadership books into the hands  our ministry leaders, but challenging publishers to look at the void in the “women’s ministry” category of their catalog.

To get right to the point, I loved this book from the first page.  Why?  Because, author Nicki Koziarz speaks from someone who has been known to quit.  She’s not the person who has always pushed through, and speaking to you from her life long success to motivate you to be just like her.  NO!  She admits that sometimes staying put, staying the course, is HARD.  She has wanted to run, and she has run from a task not going her way.  She is authentic in acknowledging that she doesn’t WANT to be a quitter, but she has quit.  More than once.  And, she is real when she shares it isn’t a struggle that just goes away on it’s own because we just decided to stop quitting.

The rest of the book walks us through the habits of a woman who doesn’t quit, beginning with the most obvious step… owning our bend to run, but choosing to change that bend.  As we progress through these habits, we see how much Nicki Koziarz depends not on herself, her own gumption…. BUT ON GOD.  It is His strength and motivation that keeps her going and focused on being a woman that sees things through to the end no matter how she feels about it.  That means that YES, sometimes we are going to have to finish something that we are not enjoying, don’t like how it’s shaping out, etc.

The Biblical foundation for these habits come from the book of Ruth, using Ruth as an example of a woman who doesn’t quit no matter what circumstances are thrown her way.   As you complete your navigation through the 5 habits, the book is capped off with helpful scripture to reference during those times you want quit, based on the reason you are considering quitting.  As well as, there is a final page that walks you through the five questions you need to ask yourself anytime you are contemplating quitting.

This is a great book to give to leaders in your church, ministry, or life.  If you know someone who is a default quitter, this would be a fantastic investment into her life.   As a Women’s Ministry Leader, I think this book would be a helpful tool in developing your team or future leaders.   Recently, it was also brought to my attention that there is a special book study that you can use alone, or with a group, to explore these habits more deeply: