BOOK Review: Made for More by Hannah Anderson


The buzz on the street regarding the book “Made for More” by Hannah Anderson was strong, so strong that it actually caused me to shift my reading list.  I had planned to read something else this week, but I couldn’t resist. I had to read this book that I was hearing was one of the most important books written for women.  Who wouldn’t want to read that.

In Regards to the Author:  Hannah Anderson

Anderson is a female writer I can get behind.  Her style is very easy to read, but also very direct and to the point.  She doesn’t use a lot of filler or unnecessary illustration to get her point across.  This book was not a thick book, but I found myself taking extra time to read it (and even re-read some passages) because of the content.  Her vision in her writing is clear, her execution of that vision is on point.  Her language and content structure makes this book a great read for anyone, women and men alike.  Men will appreciate her straightforwardness, as much as I do.

In Regards to the Book:  Made for More

The overall theme of this book points our attention that we are made in God’s image, and for his purposes… which is MORE THAN WE COULD EVER IMAGINE ON OUR OWN.  In “Made for More” we are reminded that our identity should be rooted in Christ before anything else.   I am a Christian, who is also a woman… not a woman, who is also a Christian.  I am an image bearer of God, and thus I need to really take a look at myself in the mirror and evaluate how good of a job I am doing.  It is easy to allow our identity to get caught up in our position, who we are married to, our children, our hobbies, our volunteer service, ministry, ethnicity.   When we do that we are taking the attention off of God and putting it onto the thing we do & who we are instead.

As we learn more about our status as image bearers we can begin to give the same gifts to others that God has given us…. grace, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, love……

I can’t recommend this book enough, to all women… but men as well.  While it is written toward women, there is a lot men can glean from it.  How you will not only view your identity will be changed for the better, allowing you to walk forward with confidence in God and his plans for you.  It changes you at a foundational level, and everything built upon that will be all the stronger.

Highlights from the Text:

“In order to know yourself and exist as you were meant to exist, you must live in dependent communion with Him; you must be in loving relationship with others; and you must exercise creative care over creation.  And when any of these elements is off-kilter, you will experience a loss of identity and feel disoriented simply because you are not existing as you were created to exist.”  (Made for More, Hannah Anderson)

“When we turn from God, when we refuse to base our identity in Him, we are compelled to find it somewhere else because we must reflect something.  And when we do, we sin.”  (Made for More, Hannah Anderson)

He is calling you to faith.  Faith to believe that He made you to be so much more than your momentary desires.  Faith to believe that He made you to be more than your brokenness, more than your sin.  Faith to believe that authenticity means  faithfulness to the deepest part of His nature.   Faith to believe that you were made for glory. ”  (Made for More, Hannah Anderson)

There is no forgiveness; there is no redemption.  No public apology is sufficient.  No attempt to pay back is enough.  No acknowledgement of guilt or repentance will ever be adequate.  And we wonder why the people closest to us – in our homes, churches and schools – have a hard time acknowledging their own failures.  Could it be that we’ve faithfully demonstrated to them that there will be no grace when they do?”   (Made for More, Hannah Anderson)   (honestly, I could have quoted this whole chapter -Gena)

“By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Made for More, Hannah Anderson)


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Hannah Anderson

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