Unexpected Surprises

faithjamesspeakerI believe, that when you are fully present that you have the capacity to learn something from just about anyone.  It’s probably why I consider myself a life long learner, because it is just impossible to me that I could leave an encounter without a new thought or consideration.

I am, however, caught off guard when I pick up a nugget of gold that I can apply to an area of my life other than where it was intended.  This past weekend is a perfect example.

Working with a growing ministry means that I am often learning about things like branding, marketing, communications, etc.  It is important to have a grasp on the administrative and technical parts of the work.  I attended a workshop on branding and the speaker, Faith James, was sharing about how we represent our brand.  She said “You are the CEO of you! Brand yourself well.”

I was wondering how well I “brand myself” as a follower of Christ?

Do I walk in confidence of Him?

Do I speak with knowledge of Him?

Can I answer questions people ask about Him?

Am I energetic and excited about Him?

Do I represent Him will to the public?

Am I considered credible about Him?

Food for thought.


Lead Me…


This isn’t going to be long, or all that profound.  Just a reminder.

Leaders need to be led too.

Your leaders are spending a lot of time leading others, make sure that someone is leading them… pouring into your leaders, on a regular basis.

Your leaders are pitchers that fill up the empty cups they serve.  Empty cups can’t be filled by an empty pitcher.  Someone must pour fresh water into the pitcher, so that it can continue to serve.

What do you do, in your church or ministry, to fill up and refuel your leaders?