Have You Been Summoned?


I just finished reading the book Summoned, by Daniel Allen Jr,  and it was really quite an unexpected read.  First and foremost, I didn’t realize that the book was intended for men.  I saw the title, and the description and thought:  THAT’S FOR ME!  Had I taken a few moments to look a bit further, like the second sentence on the back cover, it would have been blatantly obvious.

While the central theme of the book is recognizing the call of God to step into a greater role in life, and some of the practical steps in heeding the call; the author also shares very real difficulties and obstacles that come along the way.    I have to admit, I was able to get a perspective shift on how I see some of the men I have worked with in ministry.  Issues and difficulties that I thought were more common for women (like relationships), it turned out were also a problem for men.   I found we had more common ground that I expected, even though we also have very unique experiences as well.

People want to have an idea on how to recognize God’s calling, but they are not always certain of what action that is going to require on their part.  Nor, are they prepared for the things in their life they may have to change, or the challenges they are going to face in the process.  Something that really stood out to me, on a personal level, was the chapter on Baggage.  We sometimes carry a lot of baggage around, and we may not even realize how it is affecting us.  We can become blind to our own character faults, and they can wreak havoc in our lives and in our ministry work.

The chapter on Porn, was one that was clearly addressing a larger issue but in a more specified instance… but is part of what makes this book bent toward men.  This isn’t to say women can’t suffer from this same addiction.  But, as a woman, I skimmed this chapter.  He wasn’t vulgar, please understand that, but just in relation to my own sensibilities on the subject… it wasn’t for me.  I do recognize though the importance, particularly in relation to recent news headlines, that it couldn’t be more timely of an opportunity to address this problem within in leadership.

I’m not sure if I would recommend this to other women to read, but I would certainly recommend it to men in leadership in my own church.  I am also of the opinion that it would make a great book for a men’s small group.


*I was given the book Summoned by #FamilyChristian for the purpose of reviewing the title.   The opinions on this book are entirely my own.


Side Tracked ….. by Books!

I’m not going to lie to anyone any more.  I am a book addict.  I love books.  Like real books, no kindle for me.   I love the feel and smell of paper, the gratification of getting caught up emotionally in the story line and whipping through the pages.  There is gratification in the sound.  I like being able to slam the book down when I can’t believe what just happened, or when a concept hits my like a ton of bricks.

I’m not a book snob, stuck in anyone particular genre.  I love fiction and fantasty… just as much as I love history and biographies.  I love textbooks and cookbooks…. just as much as I love a how to guide or humorous fluff.


summerreading2    summerreading3

There are actually about four distinct piles of books in my house for my “summer reading”.

I accept I have a problem, and I’m not trying to change it.  But I do have a confession to make……

Having a book addiction can get really pricey, especially when you don’t want kindle or nook versions that go on sale sometimes for $1….

…. and so, I joined up with a few places where I could pick books and get them for free… I just had to write a review of it on my website.

I sold out my blog for book reviews.

Forgive me.

I had planned for this blog to be a lot more than just reviews on books I like and didn’t like.  But I got carried away by it, the appeal of books was more than this girl could handle.

Forgive me, even more.

And while I know that book people draw in other book people, and you maybe didn’t care about it… because I was recommending books to feed your habit too….  I lost vision and focus of what I really wanted to accomplish here.

Forgive me, oh… please forgive me.

So, I made a decision today…. and that is to get back on track with my real purposes for this blog.  It headed in a direction I didn’t intend.  I was looking at my content list, and I was shocked by how derailed I allowed myself to get.

We will usher in a time where there is more content and less reviews.   I’m not giving up entirely on sharing reviews, but I am going to me much more selective.

Instead, between my focused content posts… you’ll find me, huddled in the corner of my couch… sniffing the smell of new books by myself.  Don’t judge me.