Chronicling 40: Day 14 of 365


Finding my artistic voice, this is going to be a huge part of my 40s… I truly believe this.  I’ve always loved art.  I’ve always painted and drawn.  I love being creative, but I’ve always felt like I have never found my own artistic voice.

Earlier this year, I began learning a new technique.  Now, this technique is not new and is actually older than most contemporary artists of this style even realize.  None the less, it is new to me.   I have spent a few months just understanding the technique, the science behind what I am doing with these paints and chemicals.

When it comes to my creative processes, I’ve lived hard and fast by the guideline to learn the rules before I break them (or bend them, tweak them, etc).

A couple of days ago, it happened.  I found my artistic voice.   I worked on the above piece over a few days.  Now in the past, I may have spent as much time on a painting, or drawing.  I may have really liked it, but I would not have called it “fine art”.  It’s just a painting.  This was the first piece I’ve created in a long time where I feel like it is a real piece of art.  Also one that expresses my style.

Not only do I feel confident in finding my voice, but I also find so much joy and satisfaction in being creative at this level.  I’m thinking the 40’s are going to be very creative years.

Heart Art – #Write31Days


I love art.  My walls are filled with it.  Most of the pieces were made by family members.  Over the years I have learned to appreciate art in many different sizes.  One of the largest pieces in my house measure nearly 4 feet in height.   The smallest, just six inches square.

One of my prized collections is a grouping of paintings that I worked on with my kids.  We spent all spring break working on twelve paintings.  They are not very big pieces on their own, but take up space when they are together.  It’s not the art pieces themselves that are all that valuable to me, but the time I spent with my kids working on it.

I taught them about mixing colors, techniques, how to fix mistakes, etc.  I proudly displayed them in our living room.  No one painting is “extraordinary” all on it’s own, yet collectively they work together for something bigger.  Just like our family members.  We are each a little different, sometimes we are not all that spectacular on our own, but as a family we are so much more.