Just this past week, I was introduced to #The100DayProject, the premise from what I understood at the time was to spend 15 minutes create a piece of art each day.   The idea was to instill a habit of creating each day, keeping those creative juiced primed.

A few days into the project, I realized it was much more than that.  First, is that it was about being creative… period.  Draw.  Paint.  Photograph.  Write.  Second, there were no rules on the how.  Some are creating new pieces each day, others are working on a progressive piece where they spend 15 minutes each day adding to the collective piece.  There are artists who have chosen a theme for the entire project, or others who have given into a daily muse.

Today is Day Eleven.  So, if you want to join the #The100DayProject… come on over… there is room enough for every creative mind.

To see what people are doing, search the hashtag #The100DayProject.

To see what I am posting, search the hashtag #100DaysMFA

Chronicling 40: Day 14 of 365


Finding my artistic voice, this is going to be a huge part of my 40s… I truly believe this.  I’ve always loved art.  I’ve always painted and drawn.  I love being creative, but I’ve always felt like I have never found my own artistic voice.

Earlier this year, I began learning a new technique.  Now, this technique is not new and is actually older than most contemporary artists of this style even realize.  None the less, it is new to me.   I have spent a few months just understanding the technique, the science behind what I am doing with these paints and chemicals.

When it comes to my creative processes, I’ve lived hard and fast by the guideline to learn the rules before I break them (or bend them, tweak them, etc).

A couple of days ago, it happened.  I found my artistic voice.   I worked on the above piece over a few days.  Now in the past, I may have spent as much time on a painting, or drawing.  I may have really liked it, but I would not have called it “fine art”.  It’s just a painting.  This was the first piece I’ve created in a long time where I feel like it is a real piece of art.  Also one that expresses my style.

Not only do I feel confident in finding my voice, but I also find so much joy and satisfaction in being creative at this level.  I’m thinking the 40’s are going to be very creative years.

Heart Art – #Write31Days


I love art.  My walls are filled with it.  Most of the pieces were made by family members.  Over the years I have learned to appreciate art in many different sizes.  One of the largest pieces in my house measure nearly 4 feet in height.   The smallest, just six inches square.

One of my prized collections is a grouping of paintings that I worked on with my kids.  We spent all spring break working on twelve paintings.  They are not very big pieces on their own, but take up space when they are together.  It’s not the art pieces themselves that are all that valuable to me, but the time I spent with my kids working on it.

I taught them about mixing colors, techniques, how to fix mistakes, etc.  I proudly displayed them in our living room.  No one painting is “extraordinary” all on it’s own, yet collectively they work together for something bigger.  Just like our family members.  We are each a little different, sometimes we are not all that spectacular on our own, but as a family we are so much more.

Adult Coloring Books – #Write31Days


Look what I found at PUBLIX!  I am super excited about this little find.  I actually grabbed it a few weeks ago, and my intention was to color it.  I had been going back and forth between using colored pencils, markers, or pens.  The pages are thick and single sided, which even brought to mind using watercolors for some of them.

Reality was that I just didn’t have the time to get started on anything, so it sat on my desk.

Today, I had a bit of free time.  I plucked the booklet off of my desk and began thumbing through the pages trying to decide my plan of attack.  Did I want to treat this as a coloring book, working my way through the pages?  Or, would I pick a few pages out and spend a little more effort on staying in the lines.  If I did this, I could potentially frame the pages and hang them as art pieces in my house.

However, to my surprise, I didn’t want to color a single page.  As I looked through some of the intricate designs I had an epiphany!   I could use the pieces for inspiration for a few quilling projects.  I think for now, I just want to work on some of the individual images.  However, I may then piece them together and create a picture/scene of some sort.

I’m curious if anyone else has ended up using the adult coloring books for something other than a relaxing color session?

Try Something New – #Write31Days


Do you know what I love about arts and crafts?  EVERYTHING!

  • There always seems to be something new to learn, whether a new technique or a totally new art form.
  • The internet has brought us teachers into our living rooms so that we can learn at the click of a button.
  • Learning a new art form always has an acceptable margin of error, and we expect it to take time to master.

Recently, I was introduced to a local store that was filled with all sorts of goodies.  Mass produced retails to custom pieces of art.  I was thrilled to find out in the back of the store was a studio where classes were held.  There was a beautiful display board up of a papercraft called “quilling” that caught my attention.

I was actually familiar with this folk art, but had never attempted it before.  At first I wasn’t sure about signing up, since the class was $40.   Let me clarify that my concern wasn’t that it was too much, but paying $40 for the class plus having to buy supplies on top of that wasn’t quite in my budget.  It just so happened that the store owner caught me admiring the sample piece and engaged me in conversation.  Turned out the $40 not only included the supplies for the class, but tools you could take home.  It even included enough materials to continue making projects at home on your own.

SOLD!  I signed up, spent a few hours in the quilling class, and I was HOOKED.

I love, love, love this craft!  It is good to try new things, you never know what new interests will grab your heart.  seashell

Whatever Is Lovely (Coloring Book)


I am a fairly artistic person.  I’ve been in the market for a coloring book that I could use high quality pigment markers on, with the intention of framing for adding to my home decor.  I do most of my shopping online, and I grabbed a different coloring book.  The problem I had with it, the coloring pages were on both sides and some of them bridged pages.  This left me having to pick and choose which ones I wanted to color (due to ink bleeding through, or liking the image on both sides).

Whatever is Lovely is not only a great book with beautiful designs, all of the images are on the front side of the page only.  This means I don’t have to choose between images to color, particularly when using pigment markers.  However, if you decide to keep them in the book, the backs are not entirely blank.  They include scriptures, quotes, and poems related to the image on the front side.

The only downfall (for me) is that the pages are bound into the book, which means you must TEAR them out.  I would have loved the book to have micro-perforations on the pages to allow for easy & clean removal from the book.

Otherwise, this is a top notch book.  It contains a mixture of bold designs, and more intricate details.  The images vary, which means if you are looking for something to frame & hang in your home, you’ll find something that will fit your decor that you can customize with color.  As well, it would give you an endless selection of possible gifts for others.

Well done!