Lead Well(2)

I am so incredibly excited to share this little secret that I have been working on!  And there will be more information to come as we get closer to launch date.  Currently, I am looking for guests for the podcast.  Could that be you?  Does any of the following apply to you:

  • Christian (male, female)
  • Currently or previously in ministry leadership within the church
  • Currently or previously in ministry leadership within the community
  • Currently or previously in leadership in the Christian marketplace, or lead with a ministry heart in the secular marketplace
  • Experience identifying, developing, mentoring, coaching christian women in leadership
  • Authors, speaker, blogger, podcasters with experience in speaking to leadership topics and leaders; who also offer a service, product, or tool that benefits leaders.

If any of this describes you, then you might just be the perfect guest for the  Lead Her Well Podcast. 

Mission:  To fill the gap in leadership resources for Christian women who are called to lead and fulfill their Great Commission calling.

Core Values:  To Engage, Encourage, and Equip Christian women in leadership, as well as build foundations for the women just receiving the call to lead. 

  • Engage – By connecting women in leadership together via the podcast, social media, and platforms in order to create a fellowship of leaders.
  • Encourage – Utilizing the platform to speak encouragement into the lives of women leading, or those answering the call to lead, by lifting up and edifying one another.
  • Equip – Funneling resources to women in leadership via the podcast and other connected platforms for their education and equipping with tools for ministry success.

Lead Her Well Podcast will include guests that speak right into the current issues affecting church leaders, the importance of developing women as leaders in the church, obstacles women are facing in leadership, pointing to training & resource tools for ministry success, and other topics relevant to women in leadership (including family/ministry life balance, mental health, etc.).

If you would like to be considered as a guest for Lead Her Well Podcast, fill out the form below: