5 Things to Help New Authors

  1. BUY THE BOOK – Even if your best friend gifts you a copy of the book, actually buy a copy too. Gift it to someone else or donate it to a library. But, even more specifically, if it is for sale online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. buy the book through those retailers instead of directly from your author friend. When you purchase in this manner, it is recorded into a database that tracks sales. This is how an author can get a #1 status on a best sellers list or show future publishers that their books sell. Books that sell, help new authors get that second contract. In fact, you might not realize this, but getting a FIRST book contract is often easier than getting a SECOND. The first one is taking a risk, the second one is banking on loyalty sales.
  2. LEAVE A REVIEW- Almost every online retailer that you order books from will have an opportunity to review that purchase. Even if you don’t feel like writing out a detailed account of your experience with the book, simply opting to just select the stars or rating level is more than enough. This gives the author encouragement or feedback on their work, but also allows future publishers to see how readers respond to the authors work.
  3. TELL OTHERS – More people will purchase an item based on the personal recommendation of a friend verses on online advertisement or recommendation. Even going so far as providing the link to purchase can help spread the word about the book you are enjoying and the author you are supporting.
  4. SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA – Find your favorite author’s social media accounts (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.) and follow their author account (not their personal, unless there is no author account). Once there, take a scroll through and look for promotional posts/tweets about their book, and share those to your account. This way your friends, family, and acquaintances can be introduced to the author and their work. If you have an option to recommend the author’s page to your friends (such as on Facebook) do so! Publishers are interested in the statistics related to authors social media accounts (followers, engagement, etc.).
  5. GIVE A TESTIMONIAL – If you are someone who has connected deeply with the text, let the author know. If you have means to contact them directly, great (email, direct messaging, etc). If not, you can post about it on your blog or social media accounts & tag the author. Not only do your words provide an encouragement to the author and are beneficial for future publishers to see the response to the work; your personal testimonial can help a skeptical buyer take a chance. Additionally, you are providing recommendations that the author can use when promoting their book.

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