It’s Been a Minute

We are saying goodbye to a strange season, of shut downs and being cut off from our lives that we would defined as normal. And, as we really just began to fully embrace and accept the new normal, things are shifting again. Personal responsibility is now at the forefront vs. government mandates for those of us in the US1.

Some are choosing to vaccinate, some not.

Some are choosing to continue wearing masks & maintain social distancing, some not.

There are so many different opinions, and I don’t want to get into that here. But rather, I want to address the shifting of our mindset.

As we walk away from our home office and back to the work place.. what are we returning to?

When our calendars begin to fill up with work obligations & social engagements… what are we inviting back in?

I want to challenge all of us to reflect on what we just experienced.

What things were you relieved to see fall from your schedule? What did you miss?

Were there meetings that have been just as effective being communicated as email/text? Were there certain people that you felt obligated to entertain but have felt relief since having to be distanced from their toxicity? Do you not miss running from one child’s activity to another all week long, and have enjoyed the time home together as a family? Do you miss traveling or conferences?

What has become part of your routine, that you might have to let go of… but perhaps you don’t want to?

Have you enjoyed a more flexible routine and you are not excited to return to a set 9-5 schedule? Lunching with your spouse and kids has been a highlight of your day, which you know will change as the world continues to open up? Has less traveling made your family feel more happy and secure, and you are not looking forward to getting back on the road for weeks at a time?

Maybe you have come to enjoy having more control of your schedule and life. Perhaps, being able to release your hour long commute every morning has brought better rest, or allowed you to make time for breakfast with the family or exercising in the mornings. You may have even noticed that you are more productive throughout your day than you were at the office.

Sit down and make a list of all the things you have been enjoying and all of the things you have missed. The evaluate what your options are. Schedule a meeting with your boss or ministry leader to discuss options and find some middle ground.

You might still need to return to the office, but the middle ground might include having a shift in your start time or allowing you to work from home 1-2 days during the week when you presence in the office is not necessarily needed. Come up with a plan for your traveling that allows you to service your customers more efficiently without having to travel as frequently, or plan your vacation time around your conferences so that your family can join you once the conference is over.

If you can provide stats on your increased productivity, and explain why those numbers improved, you’ll make far more headway with your requests.

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