Gena’s Favorite Things: January 2021

My November Favorite Things posts were a hit, so I decided I would revisit that idea once a month. I have three products that I purchased toward the end of 2020 that I’m absolutely loving.

Microfiber Face Cloths for Make Up Removalthese cloths literally glide across your face when wet, so no tugging or pulling at the skin. They are not rough on the skin either like terrycloth washcloths can be. Machine washable. I’ve been using for a couple of months now and they are holding up perfectly.

Command Strip Adjustables I have been using these little gizmos for a ton of things. We have some by bedroom doors for holding our masks, used them for hanging holiday lights and light decorations, and I even hung some in my closet to hold my old conference badges (I just can’t toss them!).

Clear Framed Reading Glasses These sit so lightly on my face, and I’m just in love with the clear frames. I’m pretty much due for regular glasses at this point, and these guys have sold me on clear frames for my new glasses too!

I’d love to know what your favorites are right now! What should I absolutely put in my amazon cart?

  • Some of the items in my Favorite Things posts are affiliate links, where I make a small commission if you purchase. However, every item featured was purchased with my own money & not gifted or sponsored. My opinions are my own and not biased, these are items I am using in my every day life that I feel are worth sharing.

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