Tea in the Testaments (2021)

In addition to the LeadHer Well Podcast, that will launch in January of 2021… I’m also excited to share that I will also begin a Youtube series called Tea in the Testaments!

What’s the tea?

Starting and Genesis and working our way forward, book by book, we will explore the 4 T’s of the Testaments:

  • Time
  • Theme
  • Text
  • Truth

And, I’ll share my favorite Tea recipes with you!

For week 1, we will address Time: What time period is this, what is happening in the world, and why does do we need to know this information? How does it pertain to the story?

Week 2, we dive into the Theme: What is the theme of this particular book, and how does it fit into the overarching narrative of the complete Word?

In week 3, we look at the highlights of the Text in context to the whole story. It’s important to read the Scriptures within context so that we can fully understand the truths being revealed to us in the Word.

This brings us to week 4, where we will discuss the Truths of that particular book. What are the big take aways? How do we apply these truths into our lives?

And, for the tea? I love tea. Hot tea, cold tea, healthy teas… and some good old southern sweet. Each week, I will feature various teas blends or what my current favorites area. Just for some fun.

Join me for the Tea in the Testaments!

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