He is my Shelter

Untitled design(93)

Empty seats.  In classrooms.  In churches.  In offices.  In Arenas.

We have been asked to NOT go into the public unless we must.  We have been asked to TRUST our government recommendations.  We have FAITH that God will still move among our people even when we are social distancing.

That REVIVAL could come as a result of recommended or forced exile into ones own home would be astounding.

Imagine that.  Coming on the other side of “shelter in” we saw that more people turned to God? That our desire for connection was cut off to the world but OPENED UP, DIRECT TO THE FATHER?

Imagine that.  People who had created walls and distanced themselves from society end up craving human touch and connection after being cut off for so long.  That we long to see each others faces, that those annoying phone calls become welcomed reprieves, the sound of someone else’s voice is a balm to our souls.  Greeting your neighbor is the high light of your day, you’ve gotten to know that same grocery clerk who serves you every Friday morning at 10am.

Imagine that.

Exile birthing community.

In times of uncertainty, we just don’t know what God will do… but we have faith in what He CAN do.  He is not limited, He is not exiled, He is not Sheltering In… because HE IS OUR SHELTER.  In this time, we can rest in Him.  In this chaos, there is blessing as He has given us an opportunity to Sabbath.  His creation, His people, His earth … RESTS.  And in rest finds HEALING.

Waters clearing up, and life returning to those springs.  Pollution disappearing from air and skies are seen with fresh eyes.  Bodies are rested, forced from the daily hustle and bustle to rest.  There is nothing to do, no where to go.  This is not just extra time off to run errands, vacation, or explore.  It is a time to BE STILL.




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