I’m sorry, what was that?

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Listen to advice and accept discipline,
    and at the end you will be counted among the wise.

Proverbs 19:20

Accept wise counsel, good advice?  Yes.  Please and thank you.  I have several good friends who I come to when I need wise counsel.  It might be a quick text, or a long phone call, but they are my go to squad for Biblical wisdom in my practical life.

There are days that I need to be talked down and prayed through a difficulty.  Moments happen where I need someone to tell me that my instincts are right, that I’ve done the right thing, or that the issue is not mine to bear.  Yes and amen.

Sometimes, I need some discipline.

What do I mean by discipline?

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I need someone to remind me to be disciplined.  “Gena, did you pray about it?”  “Girl, you need to fast about that.”    “Put on some worship music on, get in the Word, until He shows up.”  —>  Even leaders have moments where we get so wrapped up in all the busyness of the work that we haven’t prioritized our daily habits … nor left even room in the margins.  We can be so hurt by a friend or confused by a situation we want to talk it out versus take it to God.

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I need someone to discipline me.  I need that trusted friend who can say the hard things, so I can pursue the right things.  “Gena, you are wrong on this one.”    “Girl, you need to check your heart on that issue.”   “Humble yourself, and apologize.”  As hard as that can be to receive, it is even harder to give to a friend.


Having wise counsel is a blessing, even if what comes from it is a shaping.  Good friends know when to usher us into freedom, and when to reign us in.






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