Shipping Has Begun!

Order Now!

If you pre-ordered Women’s Ministry with Purpose, your book has already begun the shipping process and you should have it soon.  It is now also available on Nook (Barnes & Noble) as well as Kindle (Amazon) for immediate access via your e-reading device.

Don’t forget ANYONE who purchases Women’s Ministry with Purpose, regardless of when you purchase, will have access to our private Behind the Scenes Facebook group. In this group you will…

  1.  Receive Free Gifts!  Currently members are enjoying a custom curated Spotify playlist of my favorite worship songs.  They have also been gifted a custom wallpaper for their phone & desktop.  And most recently, I gifted a FREE 17 page “Praying for Your Women’s Ministry” prayer guide.
  2. Enter Giveaways!  There is some AMAZING gifts and launch swag coming your way if you are in the group.  There will be weekly opportunities to win.
  3.  Enjoy Community!  This is our group, where we can learn from each other.  Let’s talk Women’s Ministry, ministry leadership, or ask me about the book writing process.  We are better together, and I for one am happy to chat!

And, I have some other exciting things in store, coming soon.  For more information, CLICK HERE!

Thanks so much for your support!

❤ Gena

See what Megan had to say about Women’s Ministry with Purpose through GoodReads:

Gena B. McCown has written a must read for any woman in leadership or looking to launch a woman’s ministry! I am a third year MOPS coordinator and wish so badly I could have had this book from the start. This book is practical and offers tips for creating a successful gospel centered ministry.

I love how this book flowed. She started by talking about women leaders in the Bible and pointed out key passages where women are told to teach other women. She then got into talking about the creation and heart behind women’s ministry followed finally with the ongoing management of one as well as some pointers for challenges along the way.

There was nothing that I did not enjoy about this book and plan to use it as a reference tool and I will be buying a copy for my apprentice who will take my place. We will be taking the suggestions for fine tuning your ministry and I look forward to seeing seeds planted.

I am grateful to McCown for following GOD’s calling to write this book. I know many ministries will reap the benefits of this work. She will certainly be credited!

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