Book Update!


An update on the book is long overdue, but truthfully I didn’t have anything new to share.  I’m learning that there is a LOT of behind the scenes parts in motion.  Within the last few weeks two major updates have occurred.  First, I received the proof of the book cover and I am in love with it!  No, I can’t share it yet, but trust me… it is stunning.  Second, I have been walking through another round of edits.  As of today, at least six sets of eyes have scoured my manuscript.  I believe there is at least one more round of edits & some internal design work that will happen before I can get my hands on a physical Advance Readers Copy.

In the mean time, I am also happy to share that I’ve been secretly working on some other books that I have already begin pitching to my publisher and others.  I will have some publisher meetings this July, as well.  It’s exciting to speak with different publishers, who have different audiences, and learn what it is they are looking for in new authors under their imprint.  Hopefully by this fall, I’ll have more exciting news to share.

As of right now, my current book on Women’s Ministry is slated for release in September 2019.  I’ll update if that changes.

Thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me to this point!

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