Better Together

Better Together

Better together is a theme that has been a part of my life for over six years now.  Better together is what brought the Women’s Ministry Council into existence.  For six years now, Women’s Ministry Leaders from my local area have met quarterly.  Regardless of denomination or church size, we meet because we know that we can all serve the Kingdom better if we work together.  Small churches pairing up with large churches, connecting ministries/churches to local organizations, and providing training to an area of ministry that lacks support and resources that other ministries have access to.

Better together is what has prompted Pastor cohorts & leadership breakfasts.  Better together is what started movements like Christ Fellowship‘s “Church United”.  Bringing together church leadership in a way that is not only beneficial to the church & communities we serve, but something that is Biblical.  In Acts 15, we learn of the Council of Jerusalem, where all of the Apostles and Disciples who had gone out to fulfill The Great Commission gathered so that they could be better together.

They had recognized that as they went out into the various cities and towns, they were not all delivering the same details in the message.  It created confusion, disruption, and disunity among people.  By coming back together, and working through the details as a group they were able to come to a unified consensus.  They realized the value of working together, coming to a unified vision and message, and how unity would impact their credibility among the people.

Recently, my home church took a vote to join a network of churches within our denomination.  It is a church with multiple campuses, and we were given the opportunity to become part of the family & become one of their campuses.  I found this to be very appealing.  Why?

  1.  For six years, I’ve already had a heart toward the fact that we are better together.  We can do more, advance the kingdom more, reach more together than we ever can on our own.  We can move further, faster.  This partnership was exactly what I had done through the Women’s Ministry Council, on a larger scale.
  2. I’ve always recognized the value of shared resources.  Whether it be staff/volunteers, tangible resources, space, or experience … what we have, that can be gifted and shared with others, is a blessing to us all.   I experienced this outside of the church, when I worked for an international retail chain.  Many problems were solved in the ease in moving people & resources that were in excess at one location to a location in need.  It only make sense to have that in the church.  We’ve never been called to lead groups in isolation.
  3. Due to my research on the Jerusalem Council, this partnership felt like a return to a Biblical model than a departure from our identity.
  4. I could also step back and look at all the events & happenings that led to this moment, and I could see God’s fingerprints everywhere.  My spirit felt peace even among the uncertainty of exactly how and when things would unfold.

When the church gathered to vote, it was almost unanimous in favor of the partnership.  I wasn’t the only one who had recognized that we work better together.  Many were feeling the same things, and have the same excitement for our future with Family Church.  I am excited to witness not only what we glean from Family Church, but also what we are able to give to their leadership.

What God has brought together, let no man put asunder.

How can YOU be better together?

Start a cohort or group of other leaders in the same ministry field as yourself.  Determine how often and how long to meet based on what works for you.   Rotate who leads the meeting to take the pressure off one person doing it all.

Band together with other local churches to have regular leadership training, conversations, or meet local organizations in your community that could use your help in support, finances, or getting public awareness.

Be a mentor, seek a mentor, or both.  Find someone whom you can share your experience with, and/or seek someone who is willing to share their experience with you.  Being better together is not always about large groups but also one on one.

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