When Your World Stops

This post is unaccompanied by any flashy graphics or glorious pictures.  It just is, what it is.  I’m ok with that.  I’m more ok with that today, than I would have been six months ago.  Six months ago, I worked with excellence and with a check list.  Things were systematically executed with precision.  Six months ago, my life was a lot different.  I can easily get wrapped up in the details, or trying to present perfection lest I find myself under the judgement of whomever stumbles upon this page.

Six months ago, I didn’t have 2 extra children.  Six month ago, I didn’t have a little girl in my home that was angry.  Not moody.  Not upset.  Not sensitive.  Angry.  Uncontrollably angry.  I had no idea when the call came, when we opened our doors, that I would end up tossing everything on my calendar aside and dedicating most of my time to a child who was not my own.

I’ve learned a few things during this time.

I’ve learned that I can say no, more often than I had in the past.  I’ve learned that I have more available time than I thought.  I’ve become keenly aware of how blessed we are that our children are healthy, both physically and mentally.  I’ve seen how I have taken them and time for granted.  I’ve learned that the furniture that sat in my home & at the time felt like such a “need” and is now displaced into the garage, is the least of things I need to be concerned about.  I’ve watched my budget shift and prioritize my spending, because we have two extra mouths to feed and bodies to clothe.

In one phone call, my world as I had known it… stopped.  And, guess what?

I’ll survive the lack of blog posts and social media shares.  You have survived with out my wisdom, humor, or teaching.

I’ve learned that my friends, my circle, my tribe… they are right there when we needed them.  The meals they brought, the conversations they sat through as I vented, financial gifts that we never asked for or anticipated… but came at the exact moment we needed them…. God’s continual presence & provision during this time…

My world stopped.  A new world begun spinning.  In the end, I believe we will be all the better for it.  God wastes nothing.

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