Broken Pieces

steak night

Last night, I was on top of my game.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have some extra kids with us for the next few months.  One of my dear friends dropped off a meal yesterday afternoon… rotisserie chicken, homemade mac & cheese, salad, and cookies.  Just a day earlier someone from church had provided a bag full of fresh tomatoes and green peppers.  The kids were all home from school, and I prepped up a plate of chopped peppers and tomatoes to add to the salad.  I set the plate in the fridge, until I needed it later.   Right on schedule, I slid the chicken and mac & cheese into the oven to heat it up.  Tossed the salad into a bowl & went to the fridge to grab the plate of extra veggies.


As I pulled the plate out of the fridge, I knocked into a rock candy stick one of the kids put into the fridge.  In an attempt to catch it before it fell and broke, I haphazardly set the plate of veggies down … and then the plate slid before I could do anything to stop it.  It hit the floor and shattered.  We found pieces of the plate all over the kitchen.  It shot into the office off the kitchen, as well as out the other side of the kitchen.  Pieces of glass were found in the fridge, kitchen, office, dining room, and living room.

This was a shattering that is beyond repair.  I’ve not ever seen something break into such tiny pieces before.  So much so, that we have told all the kids to wear shoes the next few days until we are certain all the pieces have been swept up.

Sometimes we focus so much on encouraging people that they can repair the broken pieces that we forget that there can be a shattering that is beyond repair.  Things can’t go back to the way they were.   In those cases it can be easy to focus on how broken things are, to beat ourselves up over it, to mourn deeply over the inability to fix it…. to the point where we can’t even comprehend that God may have something entirely new for us.

I’m not suggesting that God is the cause of the shattering, but rather in the midst of cleaning up all the broken pieces…. you are not alone.

When the plate hit the tile, the sound was frankly incredible.  It was so loud, and almost thunderous.  My husband came running in to the room to see what happened.  He saw me sweeping it up, and he took the broom from my hands and said “I’ve got this.  Just worry about dinner.”

When the pieces of your heart are broken, scattered about, God says “I’ve got this.”



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