I needed a Sub, and not the sandwich.

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I don’t get sick often, but when I do… it’s usually a doozy.  When I worked, if I had to call in sick, there was someone who made sure all the mandatory things were completed in my absence.  The non-essentials were the only things left for my return.

Even teachers can bring in a substitute to handle the absolutely necessary things, and then non-essentials can get caught up on when he or she returns to work.

As a stay home mom, there is no substitute.

Work from home, or run your own business?  There is usually not someone to fill in for you either.

Once you are better and can return to work, you will find a lot of work to catch up on (essential and non-essential) on top of a new day of expectations.  The longer you are out, the more difficult the catching up process will become.

I dream of the idea of calling in a substitute to come and handle my load, keep me up to date, and make my return to work less time and energy consuming.  But I wonder, would I REALLY take up that opportunity if it was a service?

For example, when I am sick… the last thing I really want is a stranger in my home.  I wouldn’t want to get my friends sick, they have responsibilities too.

Right before Christmas, I had begun a massive cleaning & clearing out project.  Then, wham… sick.  Everything was a full stop.  In the end 3 of the 5 of us were down for the count, my husband included.  The house fell into disarray, and then of course there were a hundred NEW things added to the list as the kids returned to school and events drew closer.  So much work to be done, so little time.

My husband asked me tonight about the status of the clean up plan.  I’ll be honest, it’s a hot mess around here at the moment.  I said… “I got sick.  Life, things happened.  I’m trying to get caught back up.  It just time.”

Once again, I began to day dream about hiring in a substitute.

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