Preparation to Write


In the writing of my book there is a combination of elements.  There are my own personal opinions and convictions about ministry.  Additionally, I have statistics and historical facts along with Biblical content.  Included are references to other books on the subject of Women’s Ministry and theological thinkers of our time.

To write a book about one’s own personal experiences or opinions requires very little preparation.  You may look back through papers to ensure specific dates are accurate, names are spelled correctly, timeline accuracy, etc.  However, in a book that is a Biblical defense of a ministry there is more work required.  I spent months watching youtube videos of interviews, reading books and articles that supported or stood against Women’s Ministry.  I leaned in to listen to influential leaders and Pastors in order to find out their views on Women’s Ministry.  I even went so far as to look at not on the churches that have Women’s Ministry programs but also ones with thriving Men’s Ministries to see if there was a correlation.

As I worked through the research process, I was able to categorize the information that I found pertinent and build an outline for the book.  Once I had the outline, it helped me identify the areas that I still needed to put more time into researching.   The points that I discarded from my outline gave me freedom to stop exploring those thoughts and focus on the ones I kept.

Between the date when I finished the first draft and the date when I signed my contract and began editing the book, there was other preparation.  The Lord had me walk through scenarios that would influence my opinions or drive me to research certain concepts.  He was not going to let me write about something that I did not walk through personally.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Preparation is not just about researching books, it is far more personal.  Preparation comes from praying to God for His wisdom and guidance in the process, and that my written words would be only what He would want me to say.  Preparation comes from walking through real life, practical ministry, and all of the lessons you learn along the way.  Preparation comes from speaking with other leaders who are in the trenches, having an observant eye as you go about your interactions with ministry leaders.

It was only when the preparations were done, that I could write a book that was complete.

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