Time Passes Quickly


It feels like it was not that long ago that I was registering my first child for preschool.  Now, she is in her second year of college.

My middle one?  She’s in her second year of middle school.

The baby?  Middle school.

Lord, in so many ways I wish we could slow time down. Enjoy more time with one another as kids.

Yet, I am also excited about this half of our parenting journey.  There are so many things that were off limits for years.  Why?  Someone was not old enough.  Or, someone was not tall enough.  Now, there are really few limitations (time, money) that could keep us from doing whatever we want as a family.

Each part of the journey has it’s struggles, and it’s blessings.

It’s a beautiful struggle and an emotional blessing.

But it is ours.

Praise God for it.

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Add _God is within her, she will not fall._Psalm 46_5(89)

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