Building Bricks


Do you remember the story of the three little pigs?  Each building a home for his future. One of straw, one of wood, and one of brick.  In this story, from the beginning we know what the pigs are building.  As outsiders, we can even use our collective knowledge to predict which of these houses will stand against the attack of the big bad wolf.

There are occasions where we will come upon a building a project and we have no idea what is happening.  We may formulate some guesses, but we don’t truly know until the identifying signs are in place.  So, we watch.  We wait.   My family and I have been experiencing a similar wait, in that we are anticipating a building.  We know that a new Chikfila is being built in our community.  However, there had never been any identifying information on exactly where it would be built.  We waited.  We watched for signs to go up, and any sudden appearance of construction equipment.  Eager anticipation for what we knew was to come, even when we didn’t know where or when.

Building something new can’t be rushed.  I find that in the occasions where I know what the building will be, I am far less patient with the process.  Particularly true when whatever the building is to become is something I want, enjoy, or will benefit my family.  Yet, when I don’t know what is being built… I have a patient curiosity.  It become almost a game of guessing what it could be.  Will I like it?  Love it?  Wish it was something else?  I don’t quite mind how long the project takes, because I am blissfully unaware at what I am missing out on.

There have been moments in my life, where God has placed me like an outsider reading a children’s story.  I can surmise how I expect the story to end.  Warning signs are clearly visible, experience tells me where the story will go, and I know enough about the characters to expect their response.

Sometimes, God gives me part of the story.  I may see where God is building something, but have no clarity on what it is, why we need it, or when it will be ready.  Or, I may know what needs to happen… without any other details.  In those moments, I watch as God lays each part of the plan into place, like bricks.  It is only when the work is complete that I can see the full scope of God’s handiwork.

Just like with building projects around our community, the more I know about them… the more eager and anxious I get for the project to be completed.  I’ve learned that a rushed blessing is hardly ever a full blessing.  Yet, when I’ve been patient and waited on God to show me, layer by layer… brick by brick… the end result is something far sweeter than I could have ever imagined.


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