Out Sick


I rarely get sick.  I don’t suffer from seasonal allergies.  Even when the kids bring home bugs from school, most of the time I come out unscathed.

Apparently not this year.

I’ve been since twice this year already.  It’s only the beginning of March.


I’ve been tending the sick in the house, already, which has cost me a few days of posting.  Now, I’m in the trenches… down for the count… and only able to get this post out thanks to cold medicine.

Part of being Fearless in 2018 for me is not being afraid to take time out for myself.  That it is ok to cancel plans, set things aside, order out four nights in a row… whatever it takes to get well, rested, and be at my best.

I had an article to write for this week, and it took all my brain power to muster up that piece.  But as I write this… I am coming full circle.  The piece was on equipping the body of believers in their Spiritual Gifting and engaging them into serving the body.  I finished off the piece with 1 Corinthians 12:12-27… one body made up of many parts, each having it’s role and all of equal importance to the functioning of the body as a whole.  I posed the question of what happens to body parts that are unused, which is that they atrophy.  They waste away, shrink, shrivel, and become ineffective.   So what happens to the people in the church body that go unused?

As I contemplate those words while writing this blog post…  I also see the 2nd part to this topic.

What happens with the body becomes sick?

It doesn’t function as well.  The body may heal itself with time and rest.  Or, if left untreated it could get worse.  If pushed too hard, the body can become so overworked in its fragile state it could die.  There needs to be an intervention in order to become well again.

So what happens when the church body becomes sick?

We need a divine intervention to become well again, or else we risk the health of the body.

That’s some food for thought.

I’m still taking a few more days off to rest and get better.   Share your thoughts on this topic… and let’s pick it back up after this body has rested & become well again.


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