Chronicling 40: Day 190 of 365

Time to come out of your shell and celebrate!(4)

Have you ever said to someone, when working on a project, that you needed to just “get into the rhythm” or “find your rhythm”?  Or perhaps you are one of those people who enjoy the wonderful sound of good rhythms in the background as you work on tedious projects?

Rhythm is defined as a pattern of movement or sound that repeats. My friend Faith that the mind likes order, it doesn’t like chaos.  And, that a mind that is cluttered can’t act.  So it is no surprise to me that the mind would like rhythm.  It likes the expected and predictable.  It likes to repeat patterns, it’s comforting and doesn’t challenge it.  When we take music and pair it to work, especially rhythmically it pairs action with sound and I bet our minds just love this.

We keep time as we sing or play an instrument by clapping our hands or tapping our feet.  Think of the old railroad workers passing the work time by as they sung to the rhythm of their spike mauls striking the heads of the railroad strikes.  Hear the sound of the coach shouting “row… row… row… ” in order to keep the rowing team in time with one another.

Rhythm can be a wonderful thing, but sometimes we can become entranced by rhythm.  We can get so caught up in the every day rhythms and we lose track of the beauty and interest of the world around us.  Sometimes, we need a new song a new rhythm to change the mundane into something exciting.

What are the rhythms in your life right now?

Is is time for a new song?

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