Chronicling 40: Day 180 of 365


In 40 years of living, I have had my share of fellowship.  There were times where it seemed easier to not only find my tribe of people, but also have an abundant amount of time for them.  There have also been times where it has been harder, and my time for others has been trumped by responsibilities.

When I was a child, I had all the time in the world.  We could do nothing and enjoy being together.  As I got older it was about doing “things” and things cost money.  Until I got a job, I didn’t have the money.  When I got a job, I didn’t have the time.

Isn’t that how it is?

When we had our first born and decided I would stay at home, I had the time… but I didn’t have the money.  When I started taking on side work, I had the money, but didn’t have the time.

This crux never seems to change.

But, I fully believe that fellowship with others is incredibly important and even the introverts shouldn’t close themselves off completely communing with others.

But, what the latter part of the last 40 years has taught me is to be far more intentional about that fellowship.

  1.  Carving out time for friendships, that includes phone calls… text messages… and face to face time.
  2.  Being more judicial in who I invite in my circle… my space has no room for negativity and drama.

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