Chronicling 40: Day 179 of 365


This was not my word for 2018, and I admit I almost changed mine when I heard this one.  I love everything about “elevate”.

You can elevate yourself to a higher standard of living.  You can elevate your business to a higher standard of operation.  You can elevate your situation by making changes that take you out of the pit and on to higher ground.  You can elevate your friendships and relationships by making them a higher priority in your life.  You can elevate your faithfulness by being more disciplined or serving more deeply.

Elevating is a moving upward, not just forward.  Rising.

And my favorite part of the word elevate, is that is does not have to be a lonely journey.

When I elevate, prayerfully I am elevating others with me.  When I rise to the occasion, I inspire others to rise.  When I find success, I help others find success.  When I find freedom, I help others find freedom too.

So long as I don’t elevate myself or anything else above God… rise.

What if I fall?  What if you soar?

Speaking of rising up and elevating, my heart lies in helping other leaders rise up and feel equipped to do what the Lord has laid before them.  I am grateful to find a tribe of like-minded women.  Join us at the LeadHer Conference in October!


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