Chronicling 40: Days 171-175 of 365


As we begin to explore some of the most popular “Word of the Year” choices, I want to be clear that I am not suggesting words to anyone nor am I trying to influence you to pick on if that is not your thing.  I just want to explore what these words mean and can mean beyond the expected or obvious.

Often when we think of the word abundance our mind naturally moves toward money, financial blessing and income.  It’s a popular phrase in that right, in both secular and religious circles.   But, I’d like to take a step beyond that…

These past few days we’ve been on holiday time, and we took a trip to Epcot for the Arts Festival.  As we were walking past the various countries and moving through the rides that had water elements to it… I couldn’t help but notice the coins tossed into these “wishing fountains”.  Various denominations, various currencies from countries all over the world.  I thought to myself:

“To live in such abundance that money can be thrown away…”

And we do so much of that, throwing money away at frivolous things.  It’s hard to believe that people struggle financially when we can so easily toss a coin into the depths of a water fountain for no reason at all.  Do we really value our abundance?

Recently, I decided that I wanted to carve out a space for my own office… since I’ve been traveling with my stuff around the house collectively leaving piles of stuff about in my wake.  I need peace and organization, I need stability and a place to say that THIS is mine…when I am here, I am at work.  I also needed the money to afford to desk, chair, shelves, etc.  I looked about my home and saw an abundance of things that took up valuable space, brought me no joy, and were more work to maintain than they were worth.

I took from this abundance of stuff and began selling the individual things off.  As I would sell enough items, I’d purchase something for the office space.  This week, I am finally able to assemble this nook for my office.  And even then, I look at what I am filling the space with and it I see abundance.  This time it is a positive abundance that brings me joy, peace, and clarity.

Abundance can be good, when it encompasses those things that make us happy.  Abundance can be bad, when it encompasses those things that steal our joy.  We can have an abundance of money, or an abundance of debt.  We can have an abundance of joy, or an abundance of sorrow.  Peace, or stress.  Experiences, or loneliness. Sometimes we need to trade the negative abundance that hold us back for the positive abundance that is freeing.

We can have an abundant life, when we look around and count our family and friends, the roof over our head and the car that takes us to places.  We can have an abundant life in Christ, because we know His love for us is beyond measure.

Look around you… weigh your abundance.  Positive?  Negative?  What can you do about that in 2018?

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