Chronicling 40: Day 110 of 365


I think I have always been a bit of a skeptic.  Definitely, as I have aged my skepticism as increased.  I very rarely take things at face value, and I don’t trust easily.  I will keep people at an arms length, taking the time to get to know them well before I will begin share personal things with them.  Whether this is a good trait or not, I’m not sure.  There may be times where that skepticism is unwarranted, and there are times where I regret not listening to my intuition and trusted too easily, too quickly.

So, yes I am skeptic.  Not always in the deepest of circumstances either.  For example:

If you invite me (and a group of others) over to hear about your exciting new business opportunity, to check out these new products you got, etc. … but won’t tell me any details about it ahead of time… I AM NOT COMING. 

If you post on social media about this new product you tried, how your skin has never looked better, or any such exciting news… and when someone asks you for more info you reply “I’ll message you about it” … or “I’ll call you tomorrow and we can talk about it.”…  I AM NOT BITING.

If you are posting all over facebook about this new exciting opportunity you have or product you are selling, but you won’t mention the company, product, service, etc. by name.  I AM NOT GOING TO ASK.

People, I can smell a sales pitch a MILE AWAY.  And if you can’t be upfront about what it is you are selling, what program you are doing, what company you are with, etc… I don’t and won’t trust it.  Anything that must be kept secret or hidden, is not something I want to be a part of.

If I have to give you my contact information in order to even find out what it is you are selling, or who you are working for… NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Not that long ago, a woman shared with me that she sold all natural products that I use every day in my home.  We only had a moment to talk, she handed me her business card, and we parted ways.  Once home, I looked up the website.  Before I could even see anything beyond the name of the company, I had to fill out a form in on the 1st page (name, email, phone, and address).  I still had no idea who the company was or what they sold.  I immediately closed the page without giving any info.  They may have had the worlds best products, that I would have loved and used for ever.  But, the moment they couldn’t be transparent with me… they lost me.

If you haven’t earned my trust, you haven’t earned my business.


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