Chronicling 40: Day 90 of 365


It’s been an interesting couple of years.  Natural and man made disasters, astronomical events, etc. have cause a lot of conversation about “signs and wonders”.  I’ve had people ask me directly if I believed these things were a sign of end times.  The question has rolled through my social media feed repeatedly.

I understand the human need to make sense of chaos.  The mind doesn’t like it, we need to sort it, we need reason, we also need hope.  As Christians, when we are in complete despair… the hope of Christ’s return tells us that we don’t have to endure more or much more for very long.  We long for the day He returns to make right the wrong of this fallen world.  I get it.

I also recognize the Scriptures tell us that there will be birth pains, as we draw closer to the day the Son returns… it will grow harder and darker.  We also know that signs and wonders will accompany His return.  So, it makes it really easy to look at all these things and see them as signs and wonders.

In the very generation that walked on the planet with Christ, during his life… they too sought signs and wonders.  God himself was here, and they wanted proof.

And he sighed deeply in his spirit and said, “Why does this generation seek a sign? Truly, I say to you, no sign will be given to this generation.”

Mark 8:12

Since then, there have certainly been miracles.  We can read about them in the paper or on the news, people share their testimony on how God showed up in their lives in miraculous ways.   When it comes to these larger signs and wonders that will accompany the return of Christ, based on what I read, it appears that there will be no doubt to the believers as to what they are seeing.  These are not normal weather events and disasters, but things that are extraordinary.

Because of this, I have a hard time believing that an astronomical event that can be charted on a calendar qualifies as a miraculous sign and wonder.  Or, an event that has happened throughout history and has an exact date on when it will happen again.  I question weather patterns that are predictable.  And yes, even when a large amount of these things happen at one time, I lean more to coincidence than divine signs.


  1.  We are told that we will not know the day or hour that the Son returns.
  2.  Because of #1 we are supposed to live as if it could be tomorrow or any day, ready for the return.

Is it possible that these are birthing pains?  Sure.  I’m not discounting the possibility, but I’m also careful not to claim something to be more than what it is either.  Our credibility as believers matters, and if we walk around all the time shouting that the sky is falling… our voices are easily muted.  I save my voice for the thing I’m called to share, the Gospel.

I go about my everyday being obedient to what He has put on my path that day and not focused on watching for signs and wonders, nor focused on trying to interpret what all these events me.  My faith sits firm in that He is coming, I won’t know when, and that I’m to be ready for it.  Being ready for it doesn’t mean sitting at a screen watching news trying to connect dots but instead following The Great Commission.

At a conference, several years ago, one of the speakers Pastor Voddie Baucham said that our job is preparation for Heaven.  Preparing ourselves, preparing others.  I can’t be prepared, or serving others if I am tethered to my seat fixated on the news.  I trust that His Word is true, that when Christ returns it will be undeniable, and I’ll be ready…

… whenever the day arrives.

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