Chronicling 40: Day 83 of 365


Today, I was ever thankful when my friend sent me a message that she had to cancel our lunch.  I had been debating it all morning, as I wasn’t feeling my best.  And, while I’d like to believe I resembled the picture on the left… the right is probably not only more accurate but in fact it may be a bit generous as well.

It was a good thing that she cancelled because things spiraled pretty quickly.  (I’m ok now, but it was a very rough day).  All this to bring me to the point of the post today…

We’ve heard people talk about “divine appointments”, those moments where the unexpected happens and the Lord seemingly works something out right before you eyes.  You are introduced to just the right person. A new resource seems to just fall right into your lap.  A chance encounter becomes a life long relationship.  Or even a moment where the person who had something to give crossed the path of the person who needed to receive.

What about “divine interruptions”?  When we think of interruptions, we often look at them very negatively.  They are those things that get in the way of our agenda.  The person who keeps interrupting our phone call, gets on our last nerve.  Or, the phone ringing off the hook as we are trying to get out the door.  It’s the illness that drops us to our knees for the day, or keeps our child home from school.  Perhaps even the miscommunication of schedules in the home which means things are about to awry.

The first time I embraced the positive side of these interruptions was not that long ago at all.  We, the family, had somewhere to be and we were already behind.  I couldn’t find my keys.  One of the girls was dragging her feet in getting ready.  It was just one thing after another.  Not to mention, it was storming… which meant that our travel time would be slowed down.  We finally got in the car, and as we drove down our usual route… we saw the damage.  I’m not certain if it was the result of an accident or a small tornado, but something had occurred and the damage was fresh.  Had we been on time that morning, we would have most likely been right in the fray.

When I think of today, I am thankful that my friend cancelled our lunch date… because I didn’t realize at the time how much I was going to need the rest today to recoup.  Moms can’t get sick during the school week… we just can’t. Ha.  Had I reached out first, and cancelled, she too would have appreciated this interruption to our plans.  She had a deadline to meet, and needed the extra time.

What if we saw interruptions in a different light?  Instead of negatively, what if we viewed them as an opportunity.  Here’s what I mean:

You already carved out 1 hour for a lunch date, and it is cancelled.  Use that time to connect with God, through a Bible Study, Devotional, or pull up a Sermon on Youtube.  Take your Bible to the beach and read it.  Or, stop into that Women’s Prayer group you have been considering attending.  Call a family member.  Finish that project.  Take a nap and rest.

You planned a day at the beach with a bunch of families, and the rain cancels your plans.  Still gather at someone’s home and have fellowship inside.  Or, instead of going back to your normal day for the family… line up some movies, order pizza, and veg out as a family instead.  Or, even spend the day taking some one on one time with each of your children in a small project around the house.

You worked all night preparing for your presentation in the morning, the meeting is cancelled. Use this as an opportunity to review your presentation one more time and polish it up.  If the space is still available, ask a coworker to sit in on a run through of your presentation and critique it.  Did you work on it as a team?  Since you had the morning cleared for the meeting, take the team out to breakfast.

These are just a few ways we can spin an interruption into a positive thing.  Now, for that toddler who keep sticking their fingers under the bathroom door… wanting to know if you are done yet…

… I’ve got nothing for you.  Maybe pray a blessing over those little fingers every time they pass in and thank God for the gift of being a mother.  I feel like that is the kind of thing I should say right now… this will pass.  I assure you of that.  One day, they won’t stick their fingers under the door.  They’ll just barge on in.  (My 18 year old still does this sometimes.)  Maybe once they move out it stops… I don’t know.  #JesusBeNear


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