Chronicling 40: Day 82 of 365


Last night, I sat in on my first Board of Directors meeting with   I’m very excited to be serving this organization, and my home town.  Let’s walk through a time line of events….

I met Jenny Andrews, through volunteering with Authentic Intimacy a few years ago.  Through that encounter, she learned about my ministry the Women’s Ministry Council.  She’s become a vital participant in that ministry and brought with her Aimee Nelson to some of the meetings.  Aimee would also become a gift to my ministry work.

Aimee asked me to pray about serving on the Board of her ministry .  In all honestly, I just wasn’t sure.  I don’t live in that city any more, how valuable would I be to the organization? Yes, I have gifts of administration but I don’t have any connections in that community any more.  Would I be taking up a seat that would be better filled by someone else?

It was during this time that I began attending Branding over Lunch events with Personal Branding Coach, Faith James (; which eventually led me to her all day seminar.  Prior to the seminar, we were given a survey to complete so that we had a better view of our brand (company, ministry, organization).  As I progressed through the assessment I stopped cold in my tracks at these two questions:

Do you take an active role in a professional organization (e.g. sit on a board, volunteer)?

Do you actively participate in a philanthropic organization?

I wrote down Aimee’s name, and “” with a big question mark.  Was this an affirmation from the Lord, that this was something He wanted me to do?  I came home that afternoon, pondering that thought… praying over it.  By the time the weekend was over, a text came in from Aimee and she brought it up again.

All of this to say, that as I look back … I can see the finger prints of God all over the place.  Positioning people, connecting people, building relationships.  I think of Esther who spent all that time preparing to be presented to the King, how crazy that must have seemed to her.  But, all of that preparation was in order to get the favor before King, to then become Queen, to then be in the position to address the King.  There were many things that prepared her for “such a time as this”.

You may find yourself in a season that doesn’t seem to make any sense.   Consider, that you may be in the preparation phrase.  And, your “such a time as this” is yet to come.  Then lean into God, praying over this time period, opening your heart to the preparation before the calling, or before the blessing.


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