Chronicling 40: Day 79 of 365


Now that I have your attention, I have to share a decision I made today.  I was going to color my hair, nothing crazy but instead a more vibrant/healthy version of my own natural color.  Red heads don’t always go gray… some times we go strawberry blonde, to blonde, to white.  We can skip gray completely.  I had been noticing that my hair was heading more strawberry blonde and frankly when you are already pale skinned… it’s nice to frame the face with some color.

Now, let me preface that I have in fact attempted this via a local salon for a few months.  I spent a LOT of money (my hair is not easy to color) and many hours in that chair only to not be happy with the finished product.  The dye on my roots would be so dark that it just looked fake.  If I want fake, I’ll go bold and pick something crazy.  I just want to enhance what the good Lord gave me.

I also wanted to avoid chemicals and go with something very natural.  So, I picked a henna based hair coloring.  Let me tell you, today was an adventure.

Here was the review I left on amazon today:

I selected this product because I wanted to give my natural color a bit of a pick me up, spice up the do a bit and yet avoid harsh chemicals. My hair is tough to color and it always ends up taking more product/chemical/time and thus money. This seemed like an affordable alternative and I had high hopes based on the reviews that this could be exactly what I was looking for.

I followed the package directions, and liked the suggestions of adding tea/coffee and olive oil to help the products vibrancy and conditioning. I chose roobios tea, since the recommendations suggested it would add a punch to the red color I selected (Sherry). The outcome of the whole process was a wonderful color that looks like an enhanced version of my natural color. Not too bold, gentle fade at the hairline vs. a stark line of new color. I’ve paid hundreds of dollars and spent hours in a salon to achieve this look before. It’s a more vibrant version of my natural color. I’m sold on your product.

Down points, frankly it looks like baby poop. And not the I’m still on milk baby poop, that is tight and compact yellowish green. But the full diet, I just exploded a diaper, baby poop. My trash can and bathtub looked like a bad weekend of the stomach flu. It also smells like death. Not an easy death either, but a long drawn out one. Once I washed the henna out with shampoo, the tub looked like a crime scene or what I imagine the sinks the Red Lobster look like after deveining shrimp for an all you can eat shrimp extravaganza. My hair still smells of death, but a clean death vs. a dirty scandalous one.

Would I buy this again? You’betcha.

My hair is soft, and bouncy. I hope the color holds as the packaging states, not sure I could do this to myself willingly on a regular basis. Will update about the color hold and how long it took for the smell of death to wane.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that the cat is far more interested in being in my presence then ever before… perhaps due to the smell. The jury is still out on whether this is a pro/con to the product.

Selling Points: The smell may give you the night off from sexy time. If you leave the contents of trash can and residue from the shower in tact… you could probably feign illness and get your husband to buy take out for dinner. Maybe even clean the bathroom for you, while you netflix in bed to “recover”.

Absolutely would buy it again, the results thus far sell me on the ends justifying the means.



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