Chronicling 40: Day 23 of 365


Today, didn’t start out as the most wonderful.  Migraines have plagued me this summer, mostly due to weather.  Not sure what the deal was today, but it started early (around 3am) and didn’t really pass until somewhere around 5pm.  This is actually pretty good, as a migraine can put me out of commission for well over 24 hours.  I just started using this headache blend on pressure points:

headacheblendPreviously I was using another blend which did work, but I often felt nauseous after using it.  This blend has a few differences in ingredients which may be making the difference.  But, I digress.

Around 5:30 my husband and I needed to run a quick errand.  We decided to stop for a quick bite, just the two of us, as I had not eaten all day (thanks to the migraine).  It was nice sitting there and chatting, even if it was just a quick stop.  My husband pointed out that he thought it was good to just getaway from the house.  I agreed.

At home there are so many distractions.  Things that we need to get done coupled with the needs of those who also live in the house.  But when we get away… whether to run a quick errand of a long stroll on the beach… a quick stop for a bite to eat or a five course meal… there is something to be said for having uninterrupted time with one another.

I realize that in part this is why I prefer to have a face to face lunch verses a long telephone conversation.  I am more focused and attentive because there are not a million things vying for my attention.

Perhaps this is why so many people struggle to have good, quality, dedicated time in the Word?  We try to do this from home, but distractions are limitless.  Phone calls, door knocks, deliveries, laundry piles, dishes to be done, etc.

In April, I attended a national conference but arrived basically a day and a half early (shockingly it was cheaper to fly in early, even with an addition nights stay).  I decided to use that time as a personal retreat… just me and Jesus.  It was one of the most beneficial moments of the last several years because I had broken free of all the distractions that pull my attention away.

I think of Jesus and the garden of Gethsamane, and how he would leave his disciples to go off into garden to pray.  There are definitely times where we need solitude, lone moments with God.  Undistracted.  Uncomplicated.  Unhindered.

Lord, let me have more of these days.


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