Chronicling 40: Day 20 of 365


Today, I logged into our school site to print up my middle child’s schedule.  I was not prepared for the emotions that were going to come with it.

First, I had to select which student’s schedule I wanted to view.  It was weird to see my eldest child’s name not even on the list anymore.  A new reminder of how she has entered into adulthood.

Then, once I selected my second child’s name… it was staring me in the face.  Her High School schedule.  When, how… ?  I can’t believe she is in High School. There is this emotional thing that happens when they enter high school, where suddenly the clock seems to have sped up to the point where you feel as if you are running out of time.  Time to teach her so many things.

And, then at the same time… I sit in amazement at the fact she’s entering 9th grade with AP classes.  What this child has to show the world hasn’t even been fully tapped.

It’s open house today, time to meet the teachers and get ready for the first day of school.  And I’m feeling a bit emotional about the whole thing.

Then, I saw the last emotional straw that would break this camels back…

My youngest is in her last year of elementary school.

Our life is changing and going in new directions.  Exciting.  Terrifying.  All in one.


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