Happy Birthday to Me!

musing40It’s July, which means it is my birthday month.  I’m turning forty, which is usually one of those big deal birthdays where your friends and family make a big deal over how old you are getting.  I know I’ve been to and planned my fair share of these milestone parties.  I’ve listened to friends who have lamented over hitting this number, and witnessed those who have embraced it like a second wind of youth.  Forty is the new twenty, right?

As much as I have lived this number through others, shopped the party stores that have more than enough fortieth birthday supplies, and even years of input from television and movies… I don’t get it.  I’m trying to wrap my head around what makes forty such a big deal.  I thought maybe I would understand the why when it was actually happening to me.  Well, it is here and I still don’t see the big deal.

So, if you feel like sharing… leave a comment.  Was turning forty an exciting time for you, did you lament it, or was it not really a big deal at all?  For those who are long past forty, looking back at how you reacted to your fortieth… how do you feel about it now?


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy Birthday Gena!

    I do remember the surprise party my neighbor threw for me when I turned 40. I’m not a fan of surprise parties but this one worked!

    I don’t remember it as a personal big deal either but does seem to be true arrival of “middle age.” I.E. not “young” any more. I remember taking somewhat of a more “seasoned” approach to life around that summer. I celebrate each year, especially the zero ones as an opportunity for more personal authority, fifty especially felt that way. “I’m fifty years old and I can do what I want to!” or something like that 🙂

    Once again, age is in our heads (as well as our bodies too) but I love taking the high road and celebrating even more each year that my wisdom and experience has just increased. Join me?

    All the best,


    PS Hope you have a birthday crown to wear!


  2. Happy Birthday Gena. You don’t look a day over 30. A friend of mine SJ wrote a play about turning forty which we co-produced as an audio drama. It’s about two women waiting for a birthday party: for them it is a very big deal – many issues come to the surface. It’s quite dark but has some beautiful songs in it – you can check it out at https://redthreadplays.org.uk/forty/


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