Unexpected Surprises

faithjamesspeakerI believe, that when you are fully present that you have the capacity to learn something from just about anyone.  It’s probably why I consider myself a life long learner, because it is just impossible to me that I could leave an encounter without a new thought or consideration.

I am, however, caught off guard when I pick up a nugget of gold that I can apply to an area of my life other than where it was intended.  This past weekend is a perfect example.

Working with a growing ministry means that I am often learning about things like branding, marketing, communications, etc.  It is important to have a grasp on the administrative and technical parts of the work.  I attended a workshop on branding and the speaker, Faith James, was sharing about how we represent our brand.  She said “You are the CEO of you! Brand yourself well.”

I was wondering how well I “brand myself” as a follower of Christ?

Do I walk in confidence of Him?

Do I speak with knowledge of Him?

Can I answer questions people ask about Him?

Am I energetic and excited about Him?

Do I represent Him will to the public?

Am I considered credible about Him?

Food for thought.



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