The Big Day


Today’s post is sponsored by absolutely no one, we paid for everything you see here with our own hard earned money.   Ha.

I take that back, it’s sponsored by 18 years of parenting.  18 years of tending to needs, wiping tears, running forgotten lunches, holding back their hair when the stomach flu hits, award presentations, field trip forms, reading logs, and so on.

Now this is also the most perfect gift for me.  Like, it couldn’t have been more perfect had I picked it out myself.

Oh wait, I did.

And it is the most wonderful thing.

People, if you are not using Amazon Wish Lists, get with the game.  All year long I window shop on Amazon, dropping things that interest me into my Wish List.  Then , when the holidays approach, I will edit the list.  I will remove things I have decided against, add accessories to things I still want, etc.

He knows exactly what to get me, but still has the freedom to choose within his spending limits and what he thinks I’ll appreciate most.  Sometimes, he’ll find something that goes with it I didn’t even know about.  Or, if his budget is a bit higher and the item has different priced models… I may even get something nicer than I expected.  He’s also used these items as launching off points, buying something completely not on my list but that makes sense because he has a reference point on size, color, style, etc.


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