Book Tour! Day 1 – Curious Faith

Welcome to my 10 Day Book Tour.  I love to read, and I am often given books to read for review.  Over the last year, I determined that I didn’t want to turn my blog into a book review site.  However, I can’t help that I LOVE books.  I truly do.  They add so much value to my life, because I learn from them and glean new perspectives from the authors who put their hearts to the page.  So, I’ve decided that each quarter, I’m going to do a 10 Day Book Tour.  What have I been reading, what do I honestly think about the book, and to whom I would recommend it.  Each day, for ten days, you will get a peak into my bookshelf.

DAY ONE:  CURIOUS FAITH by Logan Wolframbooktour1

Curious Faith was given to me by for the purpose of reviewing.  The thoughts and opinions in this piece are my own and not influenced by the publisher or author.

Before I talk about the book, I want to share why this book appealed to me in the first place.  Generally speaking, I am a pretty optimistic person.  I truly believe anything is possible when we are willing to put forth the effort and give the time.  It was part of the tag line, “The God of Possibility” that caught my attention.

As much as I believe anything is possible, I’ve learned over the years that possibility isn’t about what I can do in my own strength.  In almost every case, someone had to do some prep work ahead of me.  These people developed tools, researched date, created products, went through trial and error processes, etc.   The things that I want to do become possible in part because someone else had a least paved part of the way.

Thirteen times in the scriptures we are reminded that when dependent on man, little is possible… but with God?


But the scriptures also remind us that while all things are possible, not everything is beneficial.  How do we know what is and what isn’t beneficial?

How do we find the HOPE in the God of Possibility?

In order to begin, we must understand WHO God is in the first place.  Curious Faith spends four chapters just helping us understand who God IS and ISN’T.   The reality is that when we don’t understand exactly who God is, we can’t even begin to fathom what He can do in our lives.  We learn who God is through those who experienced direct contact with God (Old Testament) and the actions of God that weave through the Old Testament provisions and protections to the New Testament crucifixion.    When we learn WHO a person is, WHAT their actions are, HOW they respond/react, and WHY they do this…

We can begin to see what possible things lie in wait for us. But our God even gives us a glimpse into what that future holds should we just believe.

Logan Wolfram then takes us on a journey through the following six chapters helping us to expose the roadblocks that hinder our hope.  If we know who God is, and we trust Him, why do we question what is possible with His favor and guidance?  We need to examine our own strongholds, we need to understand why the Lord will take us into the wilderness for a time, how to have patience when we are eager, and so much more.

When we can understand the roadblocks that are standing in our way of hope, we can begin to get beyond them.  No roadblock is impossible to move, it takes the faith of the mustard seed to move a mountain.

In the final three chapters we move forward into that pursuit of hope.  Now that we have understood more about who God is, and recognized the roadblocks we need to get beyond, we can feel the freedom to move forward in the hope that the Lord has promised us.


I think Curious Faith is a great book for a new believer.  Depending on the person, you could even give this to someone who is seeking but uncertain.    I also would recommend this book to a person who is going through a trial, where hope seems impossible.  Even the most seasoned believer can use a gentle reminder about who God is, His promises to us, that the obstacles are the strongholds we are holding onto, and that there is freedom when we get past them.

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