Chicken Soup for the Sick

Oh, am I grateful for crockpots and canned soup.  I’m thankful for Publix having a soup bar.  I’m grateful for all of this because I am sick.  I honestly can’t remember when I have been this sick.  I really, really, really don’t want to be sick for Christmas.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks full of last minute shopping, family gift exchanges, school programs, and just generally trying to get stuff done.  I’m not sure how I managed to get sick, since mom is usually the last and not the first.  Who did I come in contact with that no one else in the family did?  Did I some how manage to run myself so ragged that my immunity was low?  I really don’t know, don’t care.

I’m just over it.  Planned so hard to get everything done before the kids went on break, so I could enjoy the 2 weeks off.  I’m home and enjoying not having to be anywhere… but super sick wasn’t exactly part of that plan.

None the less, I am grateful.  For kids that tuck me in under my blanket, a husband that brings home medicine and will order take out for dinner.  Grateful that no one has complained about the stuff not getting done while I am resting.

So, for all my sisters in Christ bogged down the sniffles, congestion, etc…  this too shall pass.  Rest.  Refuel.  And be ready for the new year.


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