Bearing Burdens


This sweet face is our little old lady, who has been just an amazing dog.  Age is catching up with her, and we know in many ways we are on borrowed time.  Recently, I began to notice her back legs didn’t seem as strong they once were.  At her vet appointment, I mentioned it to our doctor.  However, upon examination the doctor stated her back legs were just fine; it was her front legs that were arthritic.  Color me confused, because I have watched her back legs give way.

The vet explained that dogs carry most of their weight on their front legs.  She said that since our dog was experiencing pain and discomfort in her front legs, she was shifting her weight to her back legs. Since her back legs were not designed to carry that weight, they were buckling due to fatigue.  Her back legs were carrying a burden they were never meant to bear.

I can’t help but compare that to our own lives, those moments in which we are carrying burdens we were never meant to bear.  It may be the burden of guilt over our past.  It may be the pressure and expectations other are projecting upon you.  It might even be troubles and sins of another that have latched on to you as a bystander.  These burdens weigh us down, slowing our pace, fatiguing our bodies/minds/spirit, and can keep us from living the life God designed for us.

When the scriptures ask us to bear one anothers burdens, we need discernment as to if this is our burden to carry.  We shouldn’t be carrying a mantle of shame when the Lord has ransomed us.  Nor should we carry the weight of expectation on our shoulders, unless it is something the Lord has burdened us with.  We can not carry the burden of sins that our loved one needs to put at the foot of the cross.  Sometimes others heave their burdens on us, to lighten their load… when they need to be bringing it to Jesus.

If you are noticing the signs of fatigue on your body, pray that Lord helps you to see the burdens you may be carrying that are not part of His design.  Then pray that the Lord reveals the way for you to unload those burdens and take up the mantle of peace.

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